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About Melbourne ArchAngels

The Melbourne ArchAngels Community is an inter-parish ministry for Catholic families in the area of Melbourne, Florida to come together to support one another in the homeschooling journey.

Our community was founded with six key elements at the core of everything we do: Sunday Eucharist, Fellowship, Devotion, Schooling, Community Service, and Support.

Activities of the community include an academic cooperative based around the RCHistory curriculum, academic clubs, family activities including camping, field trips, teen, mother, and father social groups, community service opportunities, and other gatherings.

Our community is run on volunteer power--the time and talent of our members is integral to our success.  We have an annual fee for membership that covers our website and liability insurance.

Check out our community information power point slides in the drop down menu, or if you'd like to talk with someone about our group--click the contact us and we will connect you with someone.  Or if you feel ready to join our click request membership under the login.