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Heritage Information for 2021-2022 School Year

Who We Are

Heritage is an organization of Christ-loving homeschooling families. Our mission is to honor Jesus and foster community by encouraging relationships amongst our families. We provide parent-led activities on the 2nd & 4th Fridays for enrichment or service projects.  

Enrichment Activities can target the whole group with themes such as a Back-to-School Bash, Field Day, Show & Tell Day, Geography Fair, Talent Show, Bible Bowl, Sports Day, or Science Fair.  Enrichment Activities also can target specific age groups with themes such as nail art, archery, candy making, geocaching, catapults, volleyball, etc.  

Service projects are offered throughout the year engaging our children in a group opportunity to serve. Past examples include: singing at a nursing home, washing cars for our host church, Christmas bags for children in Haiti, and assembly of snack-filled gift baskets for local firehouses and police stations.

We also build community on additional days through events such as Field Trips, Student Hangouts (Elementary, Middle School & High School Meet-ups), Moms Gatherings, an End of the Year Celebration, a yearbook, and Service Hours for High School Students. 

Lastly, we memorize a selected chapter from the Bible to be quoted together as a group when we meet for Enrichment Activities and Service Projects. We encourage families to review this passage at home regularly so that the students (and parents) are familiar with it when we meet together as a group. This is a great way for our students to gain confidence in God’s Word and grow together as a community.  

How to Participate

  • At least one currently homeschooled child, PreK and up (younger siblings welcome).

  • Meet with a board member at one of our Informational Meetings.

  • Review our Statement of Faith, to be discussed at an Informational Meeting.

  • Submit a signed Statement of Faith.

  • Help coordinate at least one 2nd & 4th Friday activities and other events through-out the year.

    • Please take time to pray about what type of Enrichment day you would like to coordinate; or what type of Service Project you would like to coordinate for our community.  Additionally you will be asked to coordinate a Field Trip, Student Hangout, Moms Gathering, End of the Year Celebration or Yearbook.  

    • Each participating family will be required to help coordinate at least one Enrichment Day Activity or Service Project and other additional events for the group. The Board will offer guidance as we plan for a wonderful year.   

Membership Fees

The following fees are estimated based on our facility, number of participating families, and past knowledge of managing fees for group activities. The fee per semester may be adjusted (possibly lower) once the activities for each semester are determined. Also remember that you may choose which events that you and your family will participate in and this will determine your exact per-child-fee for each semester. Although we hope that your family will participate in every activity, we understand that may not be possible, which is why we made it flexible. 

Non Refundable Deposit: $65 Per Family + $6 per kid, due one week after registration.

Additional Fees: Fall & Spring Semester will be up to $25 per child for the year for supply fees, this will be determined by the activities that our group schedules each semester. 

Fees for Field Trips: When a fee is required for a Field Trip, they are independent from our Deposit and Semester Fees for Enrichment Activities. They are determined by the venue that we will visit, often a group rate is available. We try to plan a mix of both free field trips and field trips that have a fee. Some of the past field trips include Publix (free), Legoland, Seaworld, Local Farms (some free), Snorkeling with Clearwater Marine, Suncoast Youth Conservation Center, and many more. 

If you are interested in joining our community please, click Here to complete a form so that you can connect with a Board Member. Also look at our Calendar to register for our next Informational Zoom meeting. 

2021-2022 Registration opens online soon.


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