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A Typical Day

We meet  two Wednesday mornings each month from 9:15 till 11:45. 

Our morning begins by meeting together as a large group for announcements, birthday celebrations and prayer.  We then are excused to meet for classes which are planned and taught by our co-op moms.


Babies and toddlers have a safe and loving place to play during co-op days.

Preschool and Kindergarten

Our pre-K and Kindergarten age kids have an exciting and interactive morning filled with stories, crafts, creative play and opportunities to make friends. Some of the favorite activities of this group are championing obstacle courses and making funny puppets. Snack time is also a favorite! 


We have two classrooms for our elementary group: first - second grade and third - fifth grade. Each group participates in activities that are designed to unleash their creativity while working together in large or small groups, often solving problems or working through exercises that promote teamwork. Classes are exciting and interactive!  Kids are moving, thinking, talking, laughing and forming friendships. Our unique co-op structure creates opportunities for both moms and kids to get to know each other and build relationships. Game time and snack time are always a favorite part of the day.

Middle and High School

Our students enjoy more freedom as they work on projects and creative problem solving activities. This group is thinking outside the norm as they create a TV broadcast, write a script for a 1950's flash back, explore what it was like during the black plague, or design, produce and exhibit their own "Game Show'. There is time for building friendships and socializing each day we meet, too.

EtCH Extension offers optional classes for middle and high school classes as well on our "alternate Wednesdays". Class options last year were Art and Informal Logic.  Classes are provided as an option and instructors are paid for by each participating family.  EtCH Extension is a drop-off program where parents need not stay during classes.

We also have a calendar filled with socials for kids, socials for moms, field trips for all ages and family nights. These are available for your family to use as they benefit your kids as you build a well-rounded homeschool experience.

At EtCH, we desire to complement each family's educational choices and believe that there are many valid ways to homeschool.