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3) Agree to the Release and Waiver of Liability form (clickable link found at the very bottom of the page that comes up after clicking continue).  This is a digital signature denoted by clicking the appropriate radio button found below the signature lines.  You are not literally signing this document, but it is considered a digital signature that is legal and binding.  ***Make sure your spouse agrees to the liability waiver and clicks the "Spouse I Agree" button.  List all children, including those graduated (if under 18) and those under school age in the box under the "I Agree" buttons.  The last block is for anyone 18 and older (adult children or grandparents, etc) who may bring your children to a HOME event or come with the family and stay at an event.  Please have them read the waiver with the understanding that it applies to them, as well.  Please do not print and mail the waiver to us, this must be completed online.

4) Attend a Meet and Greet Event  ***Our Membership Director will contact you to make arrangements.

5) Submit payment of membership dues

⇒Membership dues: Must be paid by cash or check (written to HOME) at your Meet and Greet Event. 

⇒Annual dues are $30 and membership runs from June 1st through May 31st each year.

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