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FLA Library

FLA has tremendous resources in its library, which is located in a building behind Grace Church (350 McKee Road) in Dover.  A wide variety of curricula may be checked out by member families for an entire school year (on a first-come, first-served basis).  

Many families recoup their entire tuition (or more) as a result of their yearly library curricula check-outs.  The library also has science kits, gym equipment, math manipulatives, quality literature, and educational games.  Library dates and times are regularly posted for your convenience on our "email loop."

Library Holdings Now On The Web!

We have uploaded 5656 items to the new Auto Librarian Cloud SE. Auto Librarian Cloud SE is very powerful and searches are FAST!  You can use Chrome, Safari or Edge browsers on Windows, Macs, iPads\iPhones, Androids, and other mobile devices.

Patrons can now login to the new system:

  1. To login type: in your browser. Choose the Auto Librarian Cloud SE link. Enter our pin#: fla738
  2. Choose to Search by Title, Author, Callnumber or Subject.
  3. Type in your search and click the Go button. Results can be narrowed down by typing in the Search window once the results are listed.
  4. Click the Google Books button to find out about titles with an ISBN in our collection.
  5. Click the Searching Tips button for more searching information.

Library Policies

  • Materials may only be borrowed and used by families who are members of FLA.
  • Materials must be returned by the due date. Families with late items will be assessed an initial late fee of $10.00. This initial fee will increase by $10 for each additional month the material is overdue. Those with lost or missing items will be assessed full replacement cost.  Families must pay late fees and/or replacement costs to graduate in the current school year or to register for the following school year.
  • All FLA library materials are due and should be returned by the library date preceding the FLA Graduation/Promotion Ceremony in June.
  • FLA families who experience hardship or extenuating circumstances which create a need to keep library materials past the due date must contact the librarian. Exceptions to the return policy will be made at the discretion of the librarian.
  • Families who have already registered with FLA for the upcoming school year may check out items on the summer library day in July.
  • The FLA library will be open once in July with the opportunity to register for the upcoming school year and then check out materials. Additional summer library dates will include two dates from mid-August to Labor Day and the night of the FLA registration meeting (third Tuesday in August). All those who have registered and paid tuition for the upcoming school year may check out material.
  • During the school year, the library is normally open on the first Wednesday of each month, beginning in October. Please refer to the school calendar for updates and hours of operation.