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FLA Application Instructions and Forms Links

While FLA attempts to support homeschool families of varying beliefs, our Statement of Faith does affirm a belief in the teaching and truth of the Bible. Because our meetings, group email, co-ops, field trips, and most library material will reflect and promote this worldview, we ask that your membership application be submitted only if this is acceptable to you.

  1. Download the FLA Application Fillable Form and save the "FLA Application Fillable Form.pdf" to your computer with a unique name so you can reuse it without starting over year to year
  2. Open and edit using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  3. You will need to complete the appropriate grade level curriculum portion for each student. Download additional student curriculum pages as needed (Grades K-8 Additional Curriculum Pages or Grades 9-12 Additional Curriculum Pages).
  4. Save the curriculum forms with a unique name (suggest year and student name) to update if needed without starting over for each student.
  5. Print all application pages including any additional curriculum forms and sign application.
  6. Additionally you will need to submit the "ImmunizationRecordsFillableForm.pdf" with one of the following:
  7. (A) Fill in the form along with the immunizations filled in yourself OR
    (B) Attached copy of verification from your childs physician of immunizations completed or medical reason for not immunizing OR
    (C) The signed and notarized "Immunization - Notarized Affidavit of Religious Belief.pdf" if you are not having your child immunized.
  8. Send in with enclosed  check for correct tuition and fees amount (see "Tuition and Fees" page) made payable to Family Learning Academy mailed to:

Family Learning Academy
PO Box 249
Camden, DE 19934