Prom FAQ's / Waiver

Parents, please read info and waiver below permitting your teens to attend SEICHE PROM

at the Lawrenceburg Event Center, May 6, 2022 from 7:00-11:00 P.M.

Doors open at 6:30pm.

Just to head off a few FAQ’s:

1.Q: Will dinner be served?

A: Yes, and it will be delicious.

2.Q: Do I have to dress up?

A: Yes, especially if your mom or wife says so... ??

3.Q: Do I need a tux?

A: No, you can wear a suit, shirt and tie or similarly spiffy attire. But if you want to wear a tux, go for it!

4.Q: Will I have to dance?

A: Well, we won’t force you to and you will have fun if you don’t but... Please refer to FAQ.2 answer above...

5.Q: Will there be chaperones?

A: Lots of chaperones will be there. And they are forbidden from dancing embarrassingly...HAHA, not.

6.Q: Can parents attend Prom?

A: SEICHE Prom committee arranges a select number of chaperones. Parents are encouraged to take photos inside the facility 6:30 P.M. until seating for dinner.

7.Q: I am super grade skipping smart, but only 12, can I attend?

A: Sure, in two years...Seriously, this is a dance for high school age teenagers 14 and older. Participants must be 14 by day of prom.

8.Q: I am in the homeschool club, but my guest isn’t, can they still come?

A: Sure, guests of homeschoolers are not required to be homeschooled. Also, recent homeschool graduates are also encouraged to attend!

9.Q: What if I can’t afford a ticket?

A: In the words of Mrs. Potts, a very intelligent tea pot, “That simply will not do.” We don’t want anyone of age to be excluded. Email a committee member and let’s talk. There will be a limited number of discounted tickets.

All teens will need to arrange transportation to any after prom activities.

Purchase of tickets acknowledges parent’s permission for their child to attend prom.