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All home school families are welcome to use the public pages of this web site regardless of membership.


However, to Sign Up and Login and enter the Private Pages you must belong to the SEICHE group in southeastern Indiana.


Filling out and submitting the following information is not a commitment on your part. It simply starts the process to let us know you are interested. Membership application steps are:


Complete and submit this form via email.
A leader from the SEICHE group you indicate will contact you.
After membership approval, please submit your membership fee of $15.00 to:



14371 Hayes Ridge Lane

Dillsboro, IN 47018


Please make your check is payable to SEICHE.
The membership fee will increase by $5 after September.


Once your dues are received, you will be approved to use this website and will begin receiving Weekly Updates of SEICHE news and events. You will also be able to view SEICHE private pages not accessable to non-members.


All members must read and agree to the Statement of Faith.

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SEICHE reserves the right to refuse membership to any family.