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Thank you for your interest in Group Solutions. We are a group of Christian homeschooling families who love Jesus and are working together to educate our children.

STOP & READ: To be considered for membership, you must have at least a 1st grader (or older) and DO THE FOLLOWING (before applying):

             1. Review the dates. Attendance is required. 
                           Mandatory Parent Orientation: Sunday, Sept. 8, 2024
Fall Class days: Sept 13, 27, Oct 11, 25, Nov. 8, 22, and Dec. 13 2024.
Spring Class days: Jan 10, 24, Feb 7, 21, Mar 7, 21, April 4, 18 and May 9, 2025.
             2. Sign our Statement of Faith
             3. Cost = $250/ family (before June 1) + $34/ child (grades 1-12) and $15/ child (ages 2-5)

If you are still interested in applying, please fill out this application to be considered for membership in our 2024-2025 school year. After it has been reviewed, someone will contact you for a phone interview.

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Payment Instructions

Emailed instructions will be sent upon approval.