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What is the purpose of Heritage Family Educators? 


Heritage Family Educators is a Christian homeschool co-op in Corydon, Indiana (Harrison Co.). Our cooperative offers educational classes one day a week and other services to the school aged children of registered families. Parents share the teaching and administrative responsibilities and do not charge for their services, keeping cost low. We mainly focus our classes on areas of study that support the homeschoolers we serve, allowing parents to choose the classes they will teach and surveying members to determine what kinds of classes would best fit their needs. We also offer support group activities seperate from the co-op, which include Moms' Connect meetings, field day, STEAM FAIR, PE at the YMCA, and other similar events.


What are the eligibility requirements of members? 


Eligibility depends on what type of membership you are requesting. 

Types of Memberships

Co-op Member Eligibility

Co-op members must meet the following eligibility requirements before their membership request will be considered.

  1. All attending children over the age of 7 years old must meet the legal definition of homeschooled per Indiana State law.  (Subject to change as Indiana Law changes.)

  2. The registering family must have at least one child who will be enrolling into 1st - 12th grade in the year the membership is being requested for. Alumni memberships are not subject to this requirement.

  3. All adult members must pass a background check, whether or not they will be attending co-op classes.

  4. One parent or legal guardian must be present and volunteering at the co-op for every period that a child from the family will be in attendance.  

  5. If you would like to request membership and your family circumstances do not meet the above criteria, you are still welcome to contact us to discuss your options regarding  membership.

Support Group Member Eligibility

  1. The family must have at least one child who meets the legal definition of homeschooled per Indiana law.  

Homeschool Alumni Member Eligibility

  1. A former HFE member who was either:
    • A student who has graduated high school
    • A parent or parents who have graduated their last homeschooled child
  2. All adult members must pass a background check before they will be allowed to attend and volunteer any activities were children will be present.


What ages or grade levels do you offer classes/services for? 


We offer services and classes for students from 0 - 18 years of age.  Below is a list of our grade levels.  This list is meant to be a guideline. Our age groupings fluctuate based on our needs.
**Nursery through Preschool/Kindergarten is availalbe for siblings of those enrolled in 1st - 12th grade classes. Please see eligibilty requirements above if your oldest child is in one of these age groups.**

Nursery* ( newborn – 1 year or walking steadily)
Toddlers* (walking steadily or 2 years - 3 years, 4 year olds must move up to preschool)
Preschool/Kindergarten*  (3 years – 5 years, must be potty trained)
Lower Elementary (1st grade – 3rd grade)
Upper Elementary (4th grade – 6th grade)
Junior High School (7th grade – 9th grade)
Senior High School (10th grade – 12th grade)

We try to offer a mix of elective and core classes for each age group.

Because each student and homeschool that we serve is unique, we leave it up to the parents to determine which grade level is appropriate for their child. Sometimes a 3rd grader is ready for upper elementary or a 6th grader would do well and enjoy classes in both upper and junior high school.  Every situation is unique.  Upon registration, you are invited to discuss this with our grade level coordinators. 


How often does the co-op meet?


Our co-op meets on Mondays starting in August through early December, and January through early May, with scheduled breaks each semester.  We hold 4 periods of classes from 10am - 3pm with an hour lunch and recess at 12pm. We open at 9:00am for morning duties and close by 3:30pm after closing duties.  A complete calendar is available here.

Occationally, high school core classes may choose to meeting on additional day. 


Where are you located?


Corydon Baptist Church in Corydon, Indiana allows us the use of their building for co-op classes.

Corydon Baptist Church
2454 IN-337, Corydon, IN 47112
(812) 738-2034


Do you have any denominational affiliation?


We consider our organization to be open denomination Christian.  We recognize the authority of Jesus Christ over our organization. We are not affiliated with any particular church. 


We believe that there is one God, Creator of the Universe and all that is in it, who exists in three distinct persons as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

We believe that the Bible, Old and New Testament, are the inspired, inerrant word of God.

We believe Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God the Father, was born of a virgin, was fully man and fully God, and was sinless.

We believe that Jesus Christ was crucified, was buried after death, rose on the third day, ascended to Heaven, and now sits with the Father until the time of His return.

We believe that every person has access to eternal salvation by the grace of God through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.



How much does it cost to join? 


Co-op Membership: $225 per family per year
Class fees and activities per child: vary

Support Group Membership and Alumni Membership is free. Some activites and events will have a fee. 


Do you interview potential members? 


Yes. We now require a new member interview for co-op members with two board members. Our primary purposes in holding interviews is so that we communicate with you what the expectations of membership are and so that we can get to know you. Our member registration process begins with online registration.  Your application will be reviewed by the Board of Directors. You can expect to be contacted within a week of submitting your membership request. We will try to scheudle co-op visit with you if we are in session. Next will come the interview. Once the board makes a decsion to apporve your request to join, you will be notified. 


What classes do you offer?


We have a variety of classes that you can chose from each year.  View the Class Enrollment page to view our current offerings. It will not allow you to view details until you become a member.



What curricula do you use? 


We do not have a set curricula plan that we follow each year. Parents often choose to teach what they are using at home. Each year brings a new set of classes. We also offer a variety of custom curriculum created by parents. The following is a list of curricula that we have offered in past years. Those that we use often have a * by them. 

Analytical Grammar

Berean Builders*
Critical Thinking Co.
Dave Ramsey - Financial Peace Univ*
Drive Thru History*
Elementary Spanish

Five in a Row*
Heart of Dakota
Liberty Kids*
Institute for Excellence in Writing*

Math U See
Mystery of History
Notgrass History*
Progeny Press
Science the.... Series by Dr. Jay Wile*
Song School Spanish*
Trail Guide to Learning*

And much more...



What do I (the parent) do at co-op?


Because this a parent driven, all volunteer organization, you can expect to work during the events and classes your family attends. In event information, how parents can help will be clearly communicated. 

At least one parent from each registered family is required to be at the co-op and serve as a volunteer on co-op day.

The best way most parents can serve is to teach.  You will have the opportunity to submit classes for consideration. The periods you do not teach you will be assisting and cleaning. 

Parents of children in Nursery or Tots will be asked to serve a shift in the nursery or tots room. Shifts are 2 periods long (morning and afternoon). The reason for the long shift is to offer a more consistent environment for those children who are rarely away from mom let alone in a strange place without mom.  We also know children this young need mom near by. Nursery mothers will be given priority to work in the nursery due to feeding schedules. 

We also must clean the facility before the day ends. We begin cleaning 4th period. Anyone not teaching 4th period will be asked to help with those tasks. Cleaning will continue after school is released and must be complete before we can leave. Every adult is given a cleaning task or asked to monitor children. When your task is done you may leave.  

Other ways you can serve are to volunteer to do administrative tasks, set up field trips, fundraise, etc.. We are also open to your suggestions. 


What does the support group do? 


HFE Support Group serves registered families by offering them access to our co-op Facebook page, invitation to some HFE events, enrollemnt option for our PE classes at the YMCA and access to fieldtrips and other none co-op day activies that we may arrange.  

There is no cost for Support Group Membershihp. The cost is $10 per year, if you join our PE group at the YMCA  and are members of the YMCA. If you are not members of the YMCA it will cost $80 per year for each of your children enrolled.  


What we are not. 


We are not a drop off facility. You must attend with your children and participate in classes. 

We are not a cheap alternative to preschool or kindergarten.  Our services are meant to support homeschooling families and therefore we want to focus our resources at supporting those families.  We appreciate the cost of preschool is high, but this not a preschool cooperative, it is a homeschooling cooperative.

We are not a preschool/kindergarten or daycare for families with no intention of homeschooling their children beyond preschool or kindergarten.  

We are not an accredited school. Although a few of our teachers are state certified teachers, our co-op is not specifically designed to fulfill graduation requirements.  The burden is on the parent to determine if students have completed the necessary course work to have earned a credit in their own private homeschool.  


I'm interested in the co-op. When can I come and visit? 


We schedule visitor days every semester. We will make announcements via the HFE support group Facebook page and post on our own public website page

Please do not arrive unannounced to the co-op. If you have not scheduled an appointment with the Registrar, you will be turned away at the door as a security precaution. 


How do I register my family in Heritage Family Educators?


New Member Registration

1.       Register on the website by selecting “request membership”.  Completely fill out and submit.

2.       Registrar will phone interview for basics. Review registration information.  Explain the rest of the process.

3.       Send payment invoice. 

4.       Grade level coordinator will meet in person to do a Q & A and offer further guidance.

5.       Schedule a visit to HFE if in session.  

6.       After the GLC reports back to the Registrar, the registration will be approved/denied.


What is your refund policy?


  • 0% refund for teachers after they have registered their classes.
  • 50% refund between co-op registration and class enrollment or 100% if you were on the waiting list and we were not able to provide a seat for you.
  • 0% refund on fees after class enrollment begins.


Can we bring visitors?


Only registered family members will be allowed to attend on co-op day.  Registered parent , registered students, and registered custodial children will be allowed entrance without preapproval, however we do ask that you make the Registrar aware if a parent or child who doesn’t normally attend will be in attendance.  Registered custodial children will be allowed to attend if they are not disruptive, not ill, and stay with the parent at all times. 

All adults must first submit a background check before they will be allowed to work with children, per the policy of our host facility. 

Special days for visitors will be preplanned and announced.  The co-op does have an official visitor day where other homeschooling families who are interested in joining the co-op are invited to participate in a co-op day.  Special guests are invited for certain holidays such as Grandparent’s Day and Veteran’s Day.  The Christmas program and end of year Awards and Graduation Ceremony are open to family and friends. 

Teachers may invite guest speakers.  See handbook for further instructions.

At this time we do not allow community volunteers.

All unapproved visitors will be turned away at the door, so please take care to get approval before inviting guests.  

All approved visitors must sign in at the front desk and receive a name tag.  All guests must stay with their host at all times. 


How does HFE protect attending children?


The world we live in is becoming increasingly dangerous. Crimes against children are especially concerning to us. We want to do our very best to provide a safe environment for our children and yours. 

  • HFE runs criminal background checks on all members. 
  • CBC also requires our adult co-op members to receive sexual abuse awareness training every two years. 
  • In classes, we provide a teacher and assistant. When an assistant isn't available, doors are required to remain opened. 
  • We take attendance every period.
  • We review our health and safety policies with members every year. 


WAITLISTS: How do they work, should I use them, and what are my chances?


When you enroll in a class and it is full, the system automatically puts you on a waitlist, if there is one. You can remove yourself from a waitlist or a class by going in the "MY CLASS ENROLLMENT SUMMARY" at the top-right corner of the class enrollment page. If you stay on the waitlist for a class, you should enroll in a 2nd choice that period.  We have so many great classes and teachers, even if you don't get your first choice, we try to offer you classes that will be education and fun even if they are your second choice.

What are your chances? 

If there are just a couple of students on a waitlist, there is actually a pretty good chance things will change and you will end up getting the class, especially if you are first on the list. We typically have some turn over during the summer, people changing their mind about classes or co-op in general. When they unenroll, we'll move the next person on the waitlist into the class after checking with the family. 

Occasionally, we will open more seats in a class. Please check with a grade level coordinator or president before you speak to a teacher.  During class enrollment teachers clarify if they are willing to take more students and the registrar(s) also has to keep track of which teachers are willing and which aren't.  Also, during class enrollment they speak with the teachers if there are waitlisted students to see what can be worked out.  Your wait listed student hasn't gone unnoticed or forgotten. Know that we are working behind the scenes to make your experience a good one. Of course, sometimes the limit is the limit and no students will drop, so that is why it is very important to enroll in a 2nd choice. 

Very rarely, we may be able to open a 2nd class for waitlisted students.  There are many factors that go into a decision like that one.  First, there has to be a willing teacher. Normally, we've tapped every teacher resource we have for the classes on the schedule.  So it is not easy to ask more of these already hard working teachers.  We also don't like to put new  members into.  They may not be ready to teach a class and only doing out of desperation to get a place in that class. We can sympathize with that and are please they are willing to jump in and help, but it isn't always the right time for them to take on a big job last minute. Second, we have to have a physical space. Depending on the class offerings that period and any special accommodation that need to be made for the type of class or physical needs of the students in the class, we may not have a space.  Third, if there are already seats open in another class, we really try to encourage you to take those classes. As mentioned, we work very hard as do our teachers to provide you with education and fun classes. If for some reason the classes being offered are all filled or the only class remaining is a very specific skill level or targeted at a specific group, we may approve a second class for the waitlisted students. The likelihood that all these things line up is in God's hands.  


Should we stay home for illness? 


Sick Policy

Parents and children who are ill should stay home.  Please do not come if you have a fever, are vomiting, have diarrhea, sinus discharge, or know you have a communicable disease transmitted through normal human contact such as a virus, bacterial infection, flu, parasite, or fungus.  The Board reserves the right to send anyone home who exhibits concerning symptoms.  If anyone in your household is suffering with the flu or serious cold/virus, please keep the rest of your family home.  Some viruses have long incubation times and symptoms may not yet be showing. 

NOTE: A good rule of thumb is to be symptom free for 24 hours. Please be considerate to all the other families who you could be exposing. 


Is there a dress code? 


Yes. The dress code is the same for students and parents.  All clothing should cover the core body and not leave any exposed skin from chest to mid-thigh.  Shoulders should be covered, no halters or thin straps without a covering top. All clothing should be God honoring or neutral, no offensive language or images.  The board reserves the right to send anyone home if their clothing does not meet the standards in this policy as judged by the board of directors.