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Welcome to PTC

Parent Teacher Co-op (PTC) is a home school tutoring organization run by parent volunteers. We employ and train loving, qualified teachers to assist parents in teaching their students to be well educated world changers. PTC meets on Thursdays at Banner of Christ Church, 1111 68th SW, Byron Center, MI 49315.

Full and nearly full classes

Full classes for 2018-2019

English 1- wait list 3
English 2 - wait list 1
British Lit 3rd hour- wait list 5 There is now a second Brit Lit class offered 1st hour.
5/6 English- wait list 2
5/6 Science- 3rd hr. wait list 1 (4th hr.  5/6 Science class has openings!)

New classes for 2018/19

SAT/ACT Prep Class - This is a one semester class designed to  prepare students to take College enterance exams. The class will also review all of the math needed for the tests.

Survey of the New Testement and Ancient Civilizations, learn the events, people, and places of the New Testament along with the civilization during that time period.

Express and Explore - art for the busy student. This class is designed for the busy student who would like to have time for art but has a busy schedule.  No weekly homework. Work within your schedule. Relax and de-stress through creating and expressing yourself and try out a mediums you have been dreaming to try. 

Spanish IIIThis is a highschool level course and continuation of Spanish II. Students will be building upon concepts learned in the previous Spanish courses and continue to learn about the Hispanic Culture and influence in our country and new conversational skills.

General Information

  • The school year is 34 weeks beginning September 6th ending May 16th.
  • Classes meet on Thursdays.
  • Cost for most one and a half hour classes is $300, the two hour classes are $340. Some classes have copy and material fees added to the class cost. There is no discount for dropping a class.

Payments are made in six equal payments to the tutor directly
August 1st, September 1st, October 1st, November 1st, February 1st and March 1st.

  • The PTC is a co-op. All families are required to volunteer at least four times throughout the year (exact amounts will be determined by the number of families taking classes).
  • All classes (5th-12th grades) require 1/2 to 1 1/2 hours of homework per day. 
  • All of our tutors are Christians. Each teaches from a biblical principle and a Biblical Worldview using the Principle Approach. 
  • Parent Teacher Co-op is held at Banner of Christ Church at 1111 68th St SW, just west of expressway 131.

Principles Approach

The Parent Teacher Co-op uses the Principle Approach method of teaching. Every class of every subject is researched Biblically and with Webster's 1828 dictionary. Each class will learn how to research and will require; a notebook, a signed constitution, a syllabus, and projects.


There will be an orientation meeting Thursday September 6th at 7:30am.

Volunteer Times: If you have not signed up for your four volunteer slots you will be able to do so after the orientation meeting. 

Updated Dress Code 2018/9

DRESS CODE: For students 5th-12th grades & student visitors (not required for 1st-4th grades) As Christians, we have a responsibility to create an atmosphere that encourages academic excellence and upholds an excellent testimony to others. Student appearance should be modest and in good taste so as not to offend or draw undue attention to oneself. The goal of PTC's dress code is to allow students to express their individuality while feeling good about themselves and respecting others. Therefore, the following dress code has been established:

PTC’s dress code for 5th-12th graders.

Yes: Colored pants (not tight fitting), Knee length shorts, Females only- knee length skirts & dresses (you may wear leggings under these), Tops with words & pictures (must not be offensive)

Jewelry/AccessoriesWatches Females only-makeup, jewelry, ear piercing

No: Jeans that are blue, stonewashed, or faded, Sweat pants, Sport pants, Leggings (unless you are a female wearing a knee length skirt or dress), Tops with offensive words or pictures, Tank tops, Exposed underclothing, Tops with low necklines, low cut backs, bare midriffs, see through/sheer, tight fitting

Jewelry/Accessories: Visible body piercings (except girl’s ears), Visible tattoos, Extreme hair styles/color, Extreme clothing, Males should not wear makeup, jewelry, or hats

“Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand.” Philippians 4:5

Our Goal

The Parent Teacher Co-op is a home school tutoring organization whose goal is to come alongside parents to raise up a generation of well-educated warriors for Christ. We offer classes with academic excellence along with an environment that fosters relationships.

Classes offered for the 2017/18 school year are:

History, Art, Spanish, Science, Drama/Music 

English, Science, History, Spanish, Art, Drama/Music

English, Life Science, History, Algebra ½, Spanish, Art, Drama/Music

High School: 
Algebra I & II, Geometry, Home & Office Computing, Physics, Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, Biology, English I & II, American Literature, Interpretive Speech, Speech, Drawing, Art, Psychology, Spanish I & II, World History, Government/ Economics, Handyman Skills, Home Management, Ancient History and Survey of the Old Testament