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I'm brand new. How do I join Connections?

The information you'll need to know before you join will be in the Pre-Registration FAQs. Then click on "Join" at the top of the page and request membership!

Who may register?

Students may enroll in any Connections class if they are homeschooled. Students who also participate in a public school/parent partnership like Northshore Networks or the HEE are also welcome to attend. Likewise, students who have been previously homeschooled and are concurrently enrolled in Running Start are eligible for Connections’ classes.

Connections Guidelines
All families who register agree to abide by the guidelines in the Family Guide, and be respectful of the Statement of Faith and Beliefs while on campus, regardless of their religious or non-religious affiliation.  A New Family FAQ download  and General Questions are available as well. Our Fees Policy explains the payment process for all fees. Finally, in order to ensure that Connections runs smoothly, every family at Connections is required to perform a job while on-site. 

When does registration happen?

Registration for the following school year opens shortly after spring break, and closes July 1. Registration opens again on August 1, and remains open throughout the school year. New families may join at any time for the current year until March 1. The expectation is that enrollment commitments are for the entire school year, no matter when a student joins a class.