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Group Solutions for Christian Home Educators, Incorporated is a non-profit co-op organization with the vision of assisting Christian Home Educators throughout Ventura County. 

Phone: 805-744-8621 leave message

Host Location: Oxnard

We meet on the first and third Fridays from September through May (except in January - 2nd and 4th Fridays). 

INTERESTED FAMILIES: Use the "Put me on the WAIT LIST." if you are thinking 2015-2016 (maximum capacity has been reached) or 2016-2017. Do NOT click on the Registration buttons until leadership requests that you do that. 


  1. "Put me on the WAIT LIST" - Look on the left navigational bar.

  2. Wait until leadership says there is room for your family. This would be an email notification.

  3. Request Membership - only .... after you've been notified that there is room for your family. 

FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD OR USERNAME?  Look to the right and click on your options to retrieve either of these.  The administration does not have access to your password and username. :)