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Group Solutions for Christian Home Educators, Incorporated is a non-profit organization with the vision of assisting Christian Home Educators throughout Ventura County. Ordinarily, we offer a Class Day on 1st and 3rd Fridays.  During the pandemic, however,  we are only providing Classifieds where many objects can be sold in addition to the posting of Independent Contractor classes, beach day invites, park day invites, group prayer events online, and mini-co-ops.  Hopefully, we'll resume regular Class Days starting in September of 2021.  

Phone: 805-744-8621 leave a message ...the Membership Director will respond. 

Host Location: Ventura County, California only

Christian Family: If you are thinking of 2020-2021, please go ahead and click Join above.  This year of 2020-2021,  we offer the use of our multi-faceted Classifieds and an option to stay in the current-family status for 2021-2022.  Actual registration for 2021-2022  Class Day Co-Op begins the first Friday in March of 2021.  

Fee:  Each family pays $25 to stay on the website to look at Classifieds options and install their children in classes, sell things, and attend social or educational events.  Again, Group Solutions receives the $25 for the ability to stay on this website during the gap year and for the use of Classifieds. 

We are not providing oversite of any class.  Independent contractor teachers are entirely responsible for their own classes.  Families pay independent contractors directly. Mini Co-Ops and all the rest of the events are also managed by the presenting party.  Group Solutions is a place to post. 

All independent contractor classes, co-ops, beach days, park days, or moms groups may be posted in the Classifieds.  If you need a sign-up option for your event, it's suggested to use the free version of

Follow this two-step process:

  1. "Join" - Look above.  
  2. Wait until the leadership says there is room for your family. This would be an email notification.

In order to be included, you must have at least one student in first-twelfth grade to join.
Pre-schoolers are fine if you have at least a first-grader.