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Welcome to… RHETORIC’s Public Website


Are you interested in being a part of the RHETORIC competitive speech and debate family? If so, here's what you need to know. 

  • Contact us via email at board@rhetoricclub.org, and let us know of your interest and the age of your students.
  • Watch the RHETORIC video below to get a better understanding of our club.
  • Read the general RHETORIC information that appears below the video.
  • Read the RHETORIC Handbook via the link on the left sidebar.
  • Attend a local tournament in the spring to understand the tournament process.
  • Attend the RHETORIC Preview Night (April 2024.) Please contact us for an invitation to this year's Preview Night and 2024-25 membership information.
  • Learn more about Christian Communicators of America Speech & Debate here.

*Please note that this is the public home page. Membership for the private side of the website is reserved for families who have been accepted into the club after completing the formal membership process. The Board of Directors will inform accepted families when and how to obtain access to the private side of the website.


RHETORIC Information

RHETORIC stands for Raising Homeschoolers Educated Through Oratory to Reach Individuals for Christ. RHETORIC is an Indiana nonprofit focusing on recreational speech and debate for Christian home educating families.


RHETORIC's motto is "Excelsior," Latin for "ever higher." Using Philippians 3:14 as the basis, students are encouraged to strive to better their personal abilities while giving all glory to God. The rhetoric training is based on Christ, the Word (or "Logos" in Greek), to be used for His purposes.


Weekly club meetings are held throughout the school year on Monday evenings in Mooresville, Indiana. First semester meetings consist of an academic (but enjoyable) Varsity parent/student speech workshop, with separate speech classes for younger students. Homework will be assigned. Second semester meetings involve preparation for competition. Debate training is offered for students who have completed at least one year of Varsity speech.


RHETORIC is affiliated with Christian Communicators of America (CCA). Members must agree to and comply with all sections of the RHETORIC HANDBOOK (linked HERE or on the sidebar). The Handbook includes the following CCA foundational documents (Statement of Faith, Mission and Vision, Code of Conduct and Speech and Debate Program) found at www.ccadebate.org. RHETORIC serves families with homeschooled students ages 5-19. Membership preference is given to families with a competing student who will be at least age 13 by January 1 of the upcoming school year. (When membership availability exists, exceptions are considered for families with younger students.)


In addition to weekly club meetings, all Varsity students competing in Debate must participate in the Round Robin (practice tournament) and compete at a minimum of two tournaments. All Junior Varsity students and Varsity students competing in Speech must participate in the Round Robin (practice tournament) and compete at a minimum of one tournament. All Juniors must participate in the Round Robin and may choose whether or not to compete at tournament(s). Students may compete at up to three other spring tournaments throughout the Midwest, if desired -- the club strongly encourages choosing at least one of these. At least one parent from each family is required to be involved in the weekly meetings, and both parents must assist with the Indiana tournament.


Visiting the Indiana Tournament in the Spring is the best way to understand RHETORIC and CCA. Families interested in attending the Tournament or participating in our club should send inquiries to the address listed below.

Contact Information

Email any questions to the Board of Directors at board@rhetoricclub.org.