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Welcome to SDCHE

Welcome to South Dakota's
Homeschool State Organization!

Greetings from the SDCHE Board of directors.

SDCHE is active in taking and lobbying bills to the state legislature to improve and protect the right to homeschool.  We work closely with HSLDA.  "South Dakota has never gone backwards in homeschool freedom." - Scott Woodruff, Sr. Counsel with Home School Legal Defense Association.

2015 saw Homeschool included in the Dual Credit classes written into the statute.  All SD high school Jr & Sr students are eligible to take college dual credit classes thru the Dept of Education.

2014 the SD State Child Labor Laws were much improved for 14 & 15 yr old workers during the school year.  Teens work according to their OWN school schedule (public, private or homeschool) - not the local public school schedule.

2011 was a pivotal year for the organization.  For years, the exemption form for homeschool had a statement that it was pending approval from your local school board.  Because of the vague language in the State law this was permitted and opened the door to problems.  Starting in October 2010 and through the tireless work of several SDCHE Board members, HSLDA, Family Heritage Alliance, Representatives from across the state and volunteers, we introduced SD HB 1133 to clarify the law and protect the homeschool community.  It passed!

Now, instead of asking for permission to homeschool, as a parent, you are informing them that you will be homeshooling.
Having been successful in this endeavor, the Board has been working on how we can better serve the homeschoolers in South Dakota.  Not East and West but the entire STATE for generations to come.  Through several long meetings we have decided at this time to offer free membership to all homeschool families.

This is a large step of faith as we look at the financial commitments we have to running the organization.  While we have approximately a $4,000 yearly budget, giving up our membership dues will eliminate about half of our revenues. We have faith that God will provide.
Here is what we are asking from you:

  1. Pray for SDCHE, its Board, its finance, and for homeschoolers across the country. 
  2. There is great power in numbers.Tell your friends to join.
  3. We always have space on our Board and in committees for additional volunteers.  Your help can reduce the burden.Become involved.
  4. clicking here Consider making a tax deductible gift to SDCHE to support its mission by.   

South Dakota Christian Home Educators is a Christian non-profit organization dedicated to promoting private Christian home education as an outstanding educational opportunity and to protecting the God-given rights of parents to direct the education and training of their children.  We are committed to fostering an accurate and favorable image of home education to the general public and to providing Christ centered events, information, resources, support, training and leadership to all member families involved in home-centered education throughout the state of South Dakota.

SDCHE Membership Allows You Website Access to:

  • Print Membership Cards
  • Custom Pages
  • Directory
  • Classifieds
  • Forum
  • Links
  • Photo Gallery
  • FAQ's
  • Calendar
  • Family Website...etc