Please see the home page regarding membership dates.  You must become a member of Heritage Builders by MAY 31, 2013 in order to be eligible for classes as Cornerstone.

(A service offered through Heritage Builders Home Educators, Inc.)

Cornerstone Academy offers, at a central location, a wide range of core educational enrichment for Heritage Builders Home Educators (HBHE) students in grades 8 through 12. (Eighth graders may enroll in lower level courses and receive lowest priority if the classes fill up.) Supportive of home education, these are predominately independent study sessions in which the instructor determines the curriculum and course of study, lectures once a week in a live class environment, evaluates the students' exams and essays by providing objective scores with constructive feedback, and serves as a resource when students require outside assistance. Students may choose to participate in subjects such as math, science, foreign language, health, economics, government, language arts, Starting Points, advanced worldview, art, graphic design, advertising design, music and speech.  Please see the current class descriptions below.


Parental Oversight: Parents are expected to be responsible for their children’s education and are expected to actively supervise them as necessary in all aspects of Cornerstone Academy courses, including deadline management and academic performance. In addition, parents are expected to be aware of and responsible for their children's behavior during meeting times and in any correspondence with instructors or adult supervisors.

Mission Statement

HBHE’s Cornerstone Academy exists to help meet the needs of home educators by offering core high school courses led by qualified Christian instructors, promoting a spirit of excellence, from a Christian perspective consistent with a Biblical world view.


Students whose families are members in good standing with Heritage Builders Home Educators, Inc. may be enrolled in Cornerstone Academy.  Registration and financial payment is made through Heritage Builders.  Courses at Cornerstone Academy are now open to 8th-12th graders.  8th grade students registering for the lower level classes must be 13 years old by December 31. Some classes may require successful completion of a placement test.   Our registration process is an honor system which assumes a parent will not register a student for a course which he or she is not eligible.

Eighth graders may now spend the day at Cornerstone Academy if they choose. Please keep in mind that they will be socializing with 18 year olds who are in a very different place in life.  Please pray about your decision to place your 13 year old in this high school setting.



$144.50 per semester per 1 hour course & $216.75 per semester per 1 1/2 hour course
*additional copy/lab fees may apply


Student participation fee:  a $30 participation fee per student per semester regardless of the number of classes being taken.  This fee pays for the monitor, building fee and supplies.  First semester fees are due in full at registration.  Second semester fees will be due by November 15. Checks should be payable to HBHE (non-refundable)


All students and their parents are required to sign the Parent and Student Covenants prior to participation in Cornerstone Academy. Parents are expected to read the covenants carefully and discuss them with their student(s).


HBCA Policy Handbook
HBCA Family Participation
HBCA Parent Covenant
HBCA Student Covenant

Forms will be accepted beginning June 17, 2013.

Other important details:

Class Schedule

Class Descriptions

2013-2014 Calendar for Cornerstone Academy

May 14, 2013 Parent/Instructor meeting (informational only)
June 17, 2013 Family participation forms accepted for Cornerstone Academy

June 17, 2013
7-8:30 pm

In-person course registration
Bread of Life Church in Avon

June 17, 2013 First semester tuition due in full

August 19, 2013

(Monday Night) 

Parent/Instructor course policy meeting, 7 pm
 August 27, 2013 Courses begin
October 15, 2013  Midterm
October 22, 2013  Midterm reports due to parents
November 15, 2013  Tuition for second semester due
December 17, 2013  1st semester ends
Dec. 18, 2013-Jan 6, 2014  Christmas break
January 7, 2014  1st semester grades due to parents
January 7, 2014  2nd semester begins
February 25, 2014  Midterm
March 4, 2014  Midterm reports due to parents
 March 25, 2014 Spring break
May 6, 2014  2nd semester ends (unless we have a snow day)
May 13, 2014  Make-up day in the event of a snow day
May 23, 2014  Final grades due to parents

Questions? Contact HBCA Committee

Therefore, this is what the Sovereign Lord says:
"Look! I am placing a foundation stone in Jerusalem, a firm and tested stone.
It is a precious cornerstone that is safe to build on.
Whoever believes need never be shaken."
Isaiah 28:16