Chattanooga/Cleveland Area Support Groups

Local Homeschool Support Groups

Homeschool Facts is a pretty comprehensive site that lists several support groups that either meet in person or have Yahoo groups for discussion and resource ideas.


Mid East Tennessee Home Education Association (METHEA) 

We are a chapter of our state organization, Tennessee Home Education Association, and a community of homeschoolers who share a common commitment to educate, teach and "train up" our children. Whether getting started or a seasoned pro, our website is for you. We are here to share new ideas, get you the latest on local opportunities and a complete schedule of METHEA sponsored events. While your participation encourages other METHEA members, it also stands up as a message board to non-members to actively get involved. You matter! Together we can make an even bigger difference in our area, state and nation. Thank you METHEA members!


Mothers Moving Mountains is an autism / special needs support group designed to give families a safe, loving environment where they can freely express their struggles, ask questions, & be mentored to in a wide variety of subjects pertaining to special needs. MMM strives to do everything in a way that glorifies God. We believe that every person is a blessing, & a key part in God’s plan, regardless of any special needs or complications. We have seen that children with special needs can turn out to be the most precious ones. Mothers Moving Mountains is now on Facebook! Please "Like" our page to receive updates, helpful hints, upcoming activities, and more.

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