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Registration Process

We are pleased to offer an online registration process. There are no forms to print and mail in.  This makes the registration process easier for the members and for our volunteers who handle the administrative functions.  Forms will be completed online through our website, and your $25 membership fee may be mailed.

The important dates for new and renewing memberships  are: 

Current year registration closes March 1st and will resume at the open registration date.

  • Open Registration - June 1 through July 15 (postmarked by July 15)
  • Late Registration ($10 late fee applies) - Beginning August 1
  • Please note that we will not start processing registrations until after the June 1st opening.
  • Late fees do not apply to new applicants.


User Name and Password

Make sure you save the user name and password you enter in this registration form, you will need them to log in once your account is activated.


Permission and Release Form

After clicking the continue button, there is another form to complete.  This is a Permission and Release form with Insurance and Emergency Contact information.  While the parent/guardian is typically present  at CHET-NW activities  - should an emergency situation occur and the parent/guardian is not reachable, this information will be readily available.


To Register

Fill out this online form and submit the form to the website by clicking the continue button below. Please remember the Emergency Contact and Insurance Form that is included as part of the registration process.  The form may also be submitted or updated though the website after your membership is activated.

If you have not yet mailed in your payment, please do so right away.
Please email us at for additional information. Our mailing address is:

Attn: Registration
P.O. Box 89621
Tucson, AZ 85752


Terms of Service

The Terms of Service Agreement contains five sections:

  • Statement of Faith
  • Conditions for Membership
  • Rules and Consequences
  • Field Trip/Activity Agreement
  • Terms of Use for CHET-NW Website Forums

The TERMS OF SERVICE may be previewed by clicking the link below.  We recommend that you print a copy for your reference.

Check here if you have read and agree to the TERMS OF SERVICE.

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Additional Questions:


Private Address: This address will not be viewable in the directory.  Type "Private" in the regular address field if you use this option. This information will only be used for official CHETNW correspondence. 

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How did you find out about our group?

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CHET-NW Member CHET-SE Member
CHET Sahuarita Member AFHE
Local Church AFHE Convention
Web Search County School Superintendent Office
Other Source County School Superintendent Website

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Please tell us who recommended our group to you- and kindly include the names and phone numbers  of any CHET-NW members (past or present) you may know. If you found us on-line or you do not have a CHETNW member as a reference, you may use a church leader or a member of another homeschool group as a reference.  Out of town references are accepted. Please include their name and phone number.  

Activities, Support and Volunteering

4. *

Which 3 areas are (would be) most beneficial to you:

(3 required)
Parent Support Under 12 Support
Teen Support Enrichment Classes
Parent Meetings Field Trips
Game Day/PE High School Help
Graduation Used Curriculum Sale
New Member Information Packets Monthly News/E-Mail/Website
Directory of CHET-NW Families Other


If "Other" chosen above, please write what that other beneficial area would be.

6. *

Please mark the areas in which you would be willing to serve our group:
(CHET-NW operates entirely on the efforts of our volunteers.)

(1 required)
Library assistance Field Trips
Geography Bee Science Fair
Vendor's Day Book Sale
Talent Show Group Potlucks
Group Picnics Senior Graduation
8th Grade Graduation Kindergarten Graduation
Kick-Off Meeting Yearbook
Teen Group Testing Help (Stanford type)
Community Service/Outreach Informational Meetings
Workshops Information Liaison: political/legislative news
Curriculum Support New Member Support
High School Support Special Needs Support
Single Moms Support Prayer Support
Willing to Mentor Fundraisers
Mom's Event Dad's Breakfast
Family Game Night Vet's Parade
Kick-Off newsletter assistance Steering Committee support


Another Special Event or Idea in which I would be willing to serve the group would be:


8. *

My child is enrolled in a publicly-funded Virtual, Charter or Distance Learning type public school at-home program.* (AZVA/K-12, etc.)
* note: These public school at-home programs are not the same as homeschooling. Click here to see the Definition of a Homeschooler.

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Select the curriculum that you use or plan to use.

Alpha-Omega Apologia
Beautiful Feet Bob Jones
Charlotte Mason Christian Liberty Academy
Classical Education Computer-Based Curriculum
Easy Grammar Five in a Row
Greenleaf Press Horizons Math
How to Read-100 Easy Lessons Institute for Excellence in Writing
KONOS or Other Unit Study Learning Language Arts & Literature
Making Math Meaningfull Math-U-See
Miquon Math Modern Curriculum Press
My Father's World Own Curriculum
Potter's School Online Rod & Staff
Saxon Math Shurely Grammar
Sing, Spell, Read & Write Sonlight
Tapestry of Grace Teaching Textbooks
Thomas Jefferson Writing Strands
Other not mentioned here Haven't chosen any yet

Release Form

10. *

This form must be completed by all members and guests to participate in any activity

I, the undersigned parent/guardian, do hereby grant permission for my child(ren) listed above to participate in CHET-NW Activities. In order that my child may receive the proper medical treatment in the event that he/she may sustain injury or illness during any CHET-NW activity, I hereby authorize a supervising adult to obtain or provide medical treatment for my son/daughter for such injury or illness during the CHET-NW activity, and I hereby hold CHET-NW, as well as its representatives, harmless in the exercise of this authority. I hereby release from any liability CHET-NW and all adult supervisors and class helpers in the event of any accident en route or during activities. I further acknowledge and understand that I will be responsible for any medical bills that may be incurred on behalf of my son/daughter for physical illness or injury that he/she may sustain during any CHET-NW activity.

I also understand the P.E. Program includes activities such as running, jumping, stretching, and other physical exertion to benefit the students. Understanding that there is always a possibility that my son/daughter may sustain physical illness or injury, I acknowledge and understand that my son/daughter is assuming the risk of injury or illness by his/her participation, and I further release CHET-NW and its representatives from any claims for personal illness or injury that my son or daughter may sustain during P.E. activities.

I am aware that if my child has a medical condition that prevents or prohibits him/her from participation in any P.E. activity (i.e. running, jumping, stretching) I must notify the P.E. Coach on the day of participation.

 I agree to these terms.

Yes No

Electronic Signature

I, the undersigned, representing my family, have completely read and understand the "Field Trip/Activity Agreement", "Rules and Consequences"; "Conditions for Membership", The "Terms of Use for Website Forum for CHET-NW", and I agree to uphold them. I understand that not adhering to these may result in loss of membership privileges. I have also read the "Statement of Faith" and agree with it. I voluntarily agree to accept any and all risks of injury, death or damages of any nature to my family or anyone that I may bring to a CHET-NW function. I also agree to protect and hold harmless CHET-NW, its Steering Committee, and volunteers from any and all claims, loss, damage or expense arising out of, or from any other occurrence related to a CHET-NW meeting, class, and/or event. I assume full responsibility for my children’s behavior and for assuring their supervision at all times. I also assume full responsibility for any damage or injury caused by my children’s actions or actions of a guest I might bring to a CHET-NW function.

11. *

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