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Thank you for your interest in joining Kettle Moraine Home Educators (KMHE)!

We are an informal group of approximately 200 homeschool families. Membership renewals take place October 1 - 15 of each year. We cannot pro-rate memberships, however, any registrations after June 1 count towards the next school year.  

We depend on individual parents and children to take the initiative to make good things happen.  Parents are strongly encouraged to volunteer and lend a hand.  Whether it's setting up a field trip, co-op, potluck or science fair, your ideas and enthusiasm are welcome.  This makes the group better and stronger for all our homeschool families! 

Membership requirements:

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  • $15 membership dues paid
  • Copy of submitted DPI Form PI-1206 emailed to kmhe.web@gmail.com

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KMHE Statement of Purpose.  Our purpose is to provide support and encouragement to home educators by the sharing of information, inspiration and resources. We seek to promote high quality home education programs which will encourage the development of Christ-like character and which will meet the spiritual, intellectual, physical, and emotional needs of our children. It is purposed that this organization and all of its activities will be consistently and forthrightly Christian to the honor and glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

KMHE Statement of Belief. We believe the Bible is the inspired and infallible Word of God and constitutes His inerrant revelation to man. We believe that God has existed from all eternity in three persons: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ was God and came in human flesh; He was fully God and fully man except without sin.  We believe that Jesus Christ came to pay the penalty for man’s sin through His substitutionary death on the cross, the successful accomplishment of which was attested to by His subsequent visible, bodily resurrection.  We believe that salvation is offered as a free gift to the sinner through grace. This gift is appropriated by individual faith in the sacrificial death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

KMHE Code of Conduct.  We strive to conduct all events in an honorable and exemplary manner. Excellent attitudes and behavior are our goals. Our Code of Conduct will be upheld at Jansen Family Park as well as any other venue or site that is used for KMHE purposes.  All property will be used with care. This means no running inside or climbing on staging. We will respect the areas we are at and this includes no children playing in ponds or fields that may be adjacent to a facility we are using.  We will use buildings and grounds for our purpose of being there and nothing else.  Everyone will show respect when someone is speaking and we will treat everyone with kindness.

Liability Waiver for Jansen Family Park.  Without obligation, Midwest Tri-Clone, Inc., and Tom Holz give permission for the utilization of Jansen Family Park at 3745 Schuster Dr., West Bend, Wisconsin, for educational and recreational purposes, to the Kettle Moraine Home Educators for any sponsored KMHE events.  I hereby voluntarily agree to release Tom Holz, Midwest Tri-Clone, Inc., the current KMHE Advisory Board members, any organizing member in leadership and Kettle Moraine Home Educators from any/all injuries/damages/losses at the Jansen Family Park anytime it is used for KMHE sponsored events.  If I do not agree I will not be allowed to have any of my family participate in any KMHE sponsored events at Jansen Family Park.

Volunteering. I understand that KMHE is a volunteer run organization. In order for our group to have opportunities for all our homeschooled children, I understand it takes a lot of parent volunteers. I agree that I will look for and try to volunteer , help out or plan an event once per year.  Plan a field trip, volunteer at a KMHE-led event, organize a Harvest feast, a game night, a baking contest, the Science Fair or whatever opportunity you see fit for our Christian group.  We ask for your participation in volunteering so that the WHOLE GROUP can benefit. However we do understand that everyone is at different stages/seasons of  life, if you are unable to volunteer you are still welcome to be part of our group! Thank you. 

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