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Covid-19 Statement
As an organization serving private home educating families, we believe that it is the parent’s responsibility and choice to determine when and how your family interacts or participates in group events. As the state has lifted restrictions and we begin to resume activities we realize that COVID-19 is still a concern for some and we will leave it up to individual parents and families on how best to begin socializing again. Any events or activities you or your children attend will be done so at your own risk.

Registration for the 2018-2019 School Year

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Welcome to Green Bay Area Christian Homeschoolers!

GBACH exists to provide Christ-centered support and encouragement and to offer academic, social, and service opportunities to private homeschools in Green Bay and surrounding areas. 

GBACH maintains a clear delineation between virtual school, charter schools, and private homeschools and accepts only private homeschools for membership.  A private homeschool is a family that has registered with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) using Form PI-1206. Please note that the State of Wisconsin defines virtual and charter schools as public schools, and all children enrolled in them are considered public school students even though they receive instruction at home. Students enrolled in any virtual charter school are not included on PI-1206 forms and are not considered to be homeschooled according to Wisconsin law. Therefore, they are not eligible for GBACH membership, nor can they participate in GBACH only events and activities unless granted explicit permission by the coordinator or board. 

According to the current board’s interpretation of the GBACH bylaws, GBACH members are persons registered with GBACH and include only: 1) the parents of homeschooled child(ren); 2) the child(ren) for whom a PI-1206 is filed; and 3) parents and any children younger than six years of age who are not enrolled in any public school or virtual charter school, and who intend to home school in the future.

Please note that this delineation is in no way meant to be a “judgment” on families who utilize brick-and-mortar or virtual charter public schools for some of their children. In fact, GBACH respects the right of the parents in each family unit to choose whatever they deem to be an appropriate educational program for each child. Rather, GBACH’s policy is in keeping with the advice of the Wisconsin Parents Association (WPA) and the Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), both of whom strongly recommend that homeschool associations insure that public/taxpayer funds are not used within private homeschool groups.  The policy is simply meant to protect private homeschoolers from possible government intrusion that may occur when taxpayer funds are used for private homeschool activities. 

Considering educating your children at home? Making the decision to do so can be the beginning of a wonderful journey in education for the entire family. There are as many reasons to homeschool as there are homeschooling families. A fellow homeschooler, the library, and the internet are great resources.  Also, check out the " Links"  page for many resources such as curriculum companies, philosophies of homeschooling, etc.  Another good place to start is to go to the library and check out books on homeschooling.  There are many at Brown County Library. 

For those considering homeschooling, reading the book, Home with Learning, published by the Wisconsin Parents Association (www.homeschooling-wpa.com) is an excellent place to start. This book and many others on homeschooling are available at the Brown County Public Library.  The internet is also an excellent source of information. We hope you will find the information on this website useful in answering your questions and in directing you to resources and support available to you.

If you need more information about homeschooling and/or homeschooling in Wisconsin, check out the organizations below.

Wisconsin Parents Association - is a grass-roots organization that helps protect the right to homeschool in Wisconsin.

Homeschool Legal Defense - is an organization dedicated to legally defending the constitutional right of parents to home educate. Do you want information pertaining to homeschool laws throughout the country? or just in Wisconsin?

Once you make the decision to homeschool, you will need to contact Wisconsin Dept of Instruction and advise them of your intent to homeschool.   It is mandantory that you submit to DPI form PI-1206 before October 15th of each year.  You can get information on how to do that here.

If you have any questions regarding GBACH or homeschooling in general, please feel free to email one of our homeschool resource people.  You may also contact current GBACH Board Members by emailing Board@gbach.org.

See FAQ's for more answers to your homeschooling questions.

GBACH maintains a clear delineation between virtual charter schools and private home schools and accepts only private homeschools for membership. 

GBACH does not accept membership applications from families with students enrolled in charter schools, which is a public school at home program.

Area Libraries
Brown County Library
Area Libraries
Wiscat- Interlibrary Loan
Wiscat for interlibrary loans through Brown County Library system.
Area Libraries
Infosoup.org - uses OWLSnet, a consortium of public libraries in northeast Wisconsin.
Philosophies of Home Educations
Methods and Philosophies of Homeschooling
Philosophies of Home Educations
The Well Trained Mind
The Well Trained Mind- a guide to Classical Education at Home
Philosophies of Home Educations
Philosophies of Home Educations
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Get Started
Questions About Getting Started
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Helpful Links
Teaching Mom
Homeschooling High School
HSLDA Homeschooling High School
Homeschooling High School
SAT / ACT Prep
Free online practice tests for those preparing to take the SAT/ACT
Book Links
Facts on Fiction
Check this website to see what your kids are reading or better yet, to give them ideas of what to read!
Book Links
Library Thing
Catalog your own homeschool library using this easy link! Add up to 200 books for free!
Statistics on Homeschooling
Statistics on Homeschooling
National Center for Education Statistics
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Statistics on Homeschooling
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Statistics on Homeschooling
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Homeschool Curriculum
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Catholic Homeschool Support
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Wisconsin Parent's Association
Homeschool Associations
Homeschool Legal Defense Association

Many fun and exciting events, as well as opportunities for learning, are available to GBACH members.  Other events and opportunities are added as new ideas present themselves.

GBACH members can view detailed descriptions of events by clicking on "Event Info" on the horizontal task bar of the members homepage. 

Athletics - Northeast Wisconsin Christian Homeschool Athletic Association (NEWCHAA) offers competitive sports to homeschooled students.  Students do not need to be members of GBACH to participate in NEWCHAA athletics.  For more information, visit their website: NEWCHAA

Art Classes — Art classes are offered by private teachers, as well as by a local community center.  

Art Display - Student artwork is periodically displayed at the Brown County Library.

Band - Students have opportunities to play an instrument in band.

Book-It — This is a reading incentive program offered through Pizza Hut for children in grades K-6.

Box Tops for Education Program — Collecting box tops help our group earn money for various programs.

Christmas Caroling — Participants gather at a local nursing home to sing Christmas carols and visit the residents.

Contenders of the Faith/Keepers At Home — This is a Christian approach to scouting for both boys and girls.

Curriculum Fair —This annual event provides members and the community the opportunity to preview various curricula that are available.

Elocution Clubs — Elocution is the art of effective public speaking. Families meet and listen to the children give oral presentations.

Fall Picnic - A beginning-of-the-school-year event at a local park.  All GBACH members are welcome. 

Father-Child Campout - At this annual fall event, fathers and their children camp in tents at a state park for a weekend with other homeschooling families.

Father-Daughter Dance - At this annual winter event, fathers have the opportunity to accompany their daughters to a dance and focus on their relationships and have fun together.

Field Trips — A wide variety of field trips are offered each year.  Field trips are organized by individual member families.

Flag Football - Teen GBACH boys get together periodically and play flag football. 

Geography Fair — This annual fall event is an opportunity for all GBACH students to present what they learned about a country or region.

Graduation Ceremony - Graduating seniors may participate in the GBACH graduation ceremony held each June. 

Gym - Fall Fitness (outdoor) - Fall Fitness Gym class consists of organized outdoor group games (kickball, soccer, flag football, basketball, etc.) for all GBACH children.  It is held at a local park.

Gym - Winter Gym (indoor) - GBACH’s indoor winter gym classes take place at a local community center. 

Heritage Hill Homeschool Programming - Heritage Hill offers homeschool programs during the school year.

Hosanna Choir — Hosanna Choir students learn the basics of vocal performance and enhance a love for singing.

Ice Skating — Open skating and classes are held at DePere Ice Center.

Improvisational Acting Classes - Students have fun while learning improvisational acting.

Kickoff - The kickoff meeting is an annual event held in early September that is open to current members, new members, and people who want to find out more about homeschooling.  The meeting consists of a presentation session followed by an events and opportunties fair.   

Kroc Center Programs - The Kroc Center offers many classes and programs that may be of interest to homeschoolers. 

Librarian Appreciation - Appreciation is shown to librarians during librarian appreciation week by making cards and writing thank you notes. 

Moms Night Out — This is a chance for Moms to get out and enjoy fellowship with one another.

Music Theater - Students have the opportunity to be part of music theater productions. 

National Geographic Bee - Students in grades four through eight are eligible to participate in this annual entertaining and challenging test of geographic knowledge.

Parents Pot Luck - This is a chance for parents to enjoy dinner and fellowship with one another.

Performing Arts Center Education Series - The PAC in Appleton offers daytime events for schoolchildren.

Pizza Ranch Reading Incentive Program - This is a reading incentive program offered through Pizza Ranch.

Pizza Ranch "Wagon Wheels" Fund Raising Program - Pizza Ranch offers fund raising programs to homeschoolers.  

Presidential Volunteer Service Award — Students track their volunteer service hours to qualify for this national award program.

Project Fair — During this open-house event, GBACH students display ANY and ALL projects they have made throughout the year.

See You At the Pole - Parents and students meet at the courthouse flagpole in September to pray for the upcoming school year.  

Six Flags Read to Succeed Program - Students in grades K-6 can earn a ticket to Six Flags by reading. 

Solo and Ensemble — Homeschoolers may participate in this annual music festival.  Medals are awarded to participants based on their placing.

Spelling Bee - Held annually in January for GBACH children in grades 3-8. 

Spring Formal Dance - A chaperoned, non-dating, annual, formal dance for GBACH teens aged 15-18. 

Summer Picnic — An end-of-the-school-year event at a local park.  All GBACH members are invited.

Support Meetings - Support meetings for GBACH parents are held each fall and spring.  Topics vary. 

Swim Classes — Through the YWCA.

Talent Show — Held annually in May.  GBACH children of any age can participate. 

Teen Group — Chaperoned, non-dating events for GBACH teens aged 14-18.  Past events have included game nights, movie nights, roller skating, hayrides, downhill skiing, dances, and more.

Tutoring - Math tutoring is available for GBACH members. 

Tween Group - Chaperoned, non-dating events for GBACH students aged 11-13.  Past events have included game nights, roller skating, bowling, indoor vollyball, and more.   

Used Book Sale - The used book sale in June is the opportunity for GBACH members to sell unneeded homeschool materials and is open to member buyers and the public.

YWCA Homeschool Programming - The YWCA offers daytime swimming classes and other daytime classes.