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Membership Renewal Verification 2018-19

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Please tell us which membership tier you are signing up for.  (We know you may have already indicated that in your profile, but our registration process will be much smoother if you also tell us right here.  Thank you!)

Full Membership ($30) Basic Membership (free)

Is this the same membership tier you had last year?

Yes, the same thing works for me again this year No, I want to change my membership this year
I don't remember

If you are signing up for a Full membership, how will you be paying?

PayPal (no additional fees) Check by Mail
Free Basic membership (no payment needed)

In order to renew your membership we ask that you review your profile on this site and make sure your your email, address, student information and volunteer preferences are current.

I have updated my profile

You must also agree that you and your family will follow the Code of Conduct which you can read on your Profile page.

I agreed to follow the Code of Conduct

Remember to Sign and Date the Liability Waiver and Accident Release at the bottom of your Profile page.

I accepted the Release of Liability Waiver


Once you have completed these items, click Submit to send us your form for processing. If you are signing up as a Full member this will also take you to the payment page.



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