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Mission Statement

The mission of Deseret Homeschoolers is to make opportunities for families involved in the intellectual, social, and spiritual education of their own children to connect with other families involved in similar efforts.

Our Vision

Deseret Homeschoolers is meant to be of interest to LDS families involved in the education of their own children, although membership is not limited to LDS families, nor is a statement of faith required for participation.

Deseret Homeschoolers is meant to provide connections, share information, develop leadership skills and spiritual commitment in youth, and help families enhance their homeschooling experience.

Deseret Homeschoolers is an association. As such, the focus of activities will be based on what the participating families are seeking in their relationships with others. Participating families are expected to be involved in serving, leading, and helping to make activities happen. Parents will be totally responsible for the safety and behavior of their own children when participating in any Deseret Homeschoolers activity.

Current Organization

Deseret Homeschoolers of Southeast Texas is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization led by an executive council.  The officers for the 2017-2018 school year are as follows:

Ellisa Barr, President
Angilee Carrig, Secretary
Aria Litherland, Treasurer
Beth Davis
Colette Hudgins
Marissa Sutherland
Tiffany Gonzales

Founding Members

Our Beginnings

Formed on January 1, 2006 by five Houston area homeschool families, Deseret was established to help families in the Greater Houston area find socialization and support. 

Pictured from bottom to top:

Kent & Linda Nuttall

Ron & Julie Cluff

Lorell & Rachel Hathcock

Jason & Marissa Sutherland

Douglas (not pictured) and Bonita Magby