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Classical Conversations

Classical Conversations is a community, not exactly a co-op, not a school.  CC was developed to educate parents on how to classically educate their children for the eternal purpose of sharing Christ with the world.  Classical Conversations offers several programs for children ages 4 through high school.
Grammar Years (Elementary Education)
Our Foundations Programs provide a Classical Christian community for homeschool families with students in grades K4-6th grade. These power-packed programs meet once a week for twelve weeks in the fall and twelve weeks in the winter/spring months.
Based on the classical model of education, families meet weekly to introduce new memory work (or grammar of a subject) and review old memory work using Classical Conversations' Foundations Guide as the heart of the curriculum. A trained tutor creatively introduces the memory work and leads the classroom time.
The memory work is divided into 6 subjects:
  • timeline/history,
  • geography,
  • math,
  • science,
  • Latin,
  • English grammar
In addition to the memory work, students also participate in a fine arts project/lesson, a science project, and an opportunity to practice oral presentation skills each week.
In the afternoons, during our Essentials program, our students (4th through 6th graders) work on intensive English grammar, math, public speaking, and writing skills using the highly acclaimed Institute for Excellence in Writing program.
Dialectic and Rhetoric Years (Junior High/Senior High)
The Challenge programs are divided into six levels for the upper grades.  During the junior high years, when children are in the dialectic stage of learning, students in Challenge A and Challenge B process the grammar or terms they have mastered during the early years.  These years are the time when debate and critical thinking are taught.  During the senior high years, when children are in the rhetoric stage of learning, students  in Challenge 1-4 focus on the "output" of learning.  Challenge classes are college-prep   classes where the children master subjects, such as Latin, science, literature, math, and history, and are able to teach and explain the subject matter to others.
Please take the time to visit the main Classical Conversations website.  You may find out specific information about each program with the links below.
A group in Memphis put this video together which is also helpful to watch. In addition to this, if you go to youtube.com and type in "Classical Conversations" a lot of videos will pop up and you can see what this looks like from various perspectives.
St. Louis Area Locations
For more info about Classical Conversations in your area, please use the following contacts:


Greater St. Louis Area Classical Conversations Communities

Mary Fink - Community Support Representative



*St. Charles - F/E  Tues
F/E - Mary Reed, mereed79@gmail.com

Grace Presbyterian Church
6308 Highway N
Saint Charles, MO 63304


*St. Charles - F/E  Mon
F/E - Jennifer Scott, jenn_scott@sbcglobal.net

Bogey Hills Baptist Church
1721 Treetop Dr.
Saint Charles, MO 63303


*St. Peters - F/E, CHB  Tues 
F/E - Lori Lohrmann, foryougod@aol.com,757-777-6184
CHB- Mary Fink, mfink@classicalconversations.com 

Church on the Rock
900 Birdie Hills Rd.

St. Peters, MO 63376


*Lake St. Louis - F/E, CHA  Thurs 

F/E - Brandi Duncan, brandiduncan@gmail.com  
CHA - Carrie Noltkamper, mckeecarrie@hotmail.com

Chapel of the Lake
11000 Veterans Memorial Pkwy
Lake Saint Louis, MO 63367   


*Troy F/E, CHB,I,III  Wed
F/E - Terrica Mellen
CHB - Danielle Tippy, danielletippy@gmail.com636-528-2373
CHI - Mary Fink, mfink@classicalconversations.com
CHIII - Martha Romanko, martha.romanko@centurytel.net636-462-1380

Abundant Life Baptist Church
21 South Ridge Road
Troy, MO 63379


Courtney Opheim - Community Support Representative


*Maplewood II F/E,CHA,B,I,II,III  Thurs                               
F/E - Rachael Ingrum, ringrum@yahoo.com                                  
CHA - Cheryl Dickmann, cheryldickmann@sbcglobal.net
CHB - Geoff Ingrum,geoffingrum@yahoo.com,314-623-3021
CHI - Kevin Parviz, revkevye@aol.com
CHII - Courtney Opheim, copheim@classicalconversations.com
CHIV - Cheryl Dickmann, cheryldickmann@sbcglobal.net

The Groves Church
9220 Big Bend Blvd.

Webster Groves, MO 63119


*Eureka F/E, CH B,II  Tues 
F/E - Kheyla Murrell, bkjmurrell@gmail.com
CHB - Kathy Roylance, roylance6@gmail.com
CHII - Melissa George, dmcalm@gmail.com

Heritage Presbyterian Church
4000 Alt Road
Eureka, MO 63025


*Washington F/E, CH A Tues

F/E -Hope Risley, washingtonmocc@gmail.com
CHA - Sarah Davis, 7davis@sbcglobal.net636-667-2417
CHB - Lisa Rethemeyer, 

First Baptist Church
111 East 14th Street
Washington, MO 63090


*House Springs Tues                                                     
F/E - Katie Donahue, 314-229-1283katie.donahue@live.com   

First Baptist Church of House Springs
4375 Gravois Road
House Springs, MO 63051


*Arnold F/E Thurs
F/E -  Casey Williams, casey.williams324@gmail.com

First Baptist Church of Arnold
2012 Missouri State Road
Arnold, MO 63010



Tia Stabenow - Community Support Representative


*Town & Country F/E, CHA,B Tues  
F/E - Sarah Mourreale
CHA - Becky Hall,rkbhall.hall7@gmail.com,314-941-8190  
CHB - Patti Clawson, patticlawson@sbcglobal.net

Gateway Christian Church
1951 Des Peres Road
St. Louis, MO 63131 


*Kirkwood F/E  Tues          
F/E - Amy Russell, arussell7@gmail.com

Kirkwood Road Christian Church
529 Kirkwood Rd.
Kirkwood, MO 63122


Updated 10/2016