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Upcoming Events

IEW Writing Overview Class (for Parents)
August 2 - Saturday
09:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Registration and Enrollment Now Closed
August 4 - Monday

Co-op Classes in Session
August 11 - Monday

Co-op Classes in Session
August 18 - Monday

Christian homeschool roller skating night
Sunday night roller skating
06:00 PM - 08:00 PM


Support Group Membership

Heritage Family Educators is not just a co-op.  We are also a support group and network of home educators in the So. Indiana area.  Support Group members receive access to our members only website and private Facebook page.  Support members are welcome to join us in field trips and other special events we might schedule outside of the co-op day. The cost is $8 per year, due in January, no prorating. Request a membership today.

Fall 2014 Co-op Registration

We only have a few more seats open at this time.  Nursery (0-1) has 1 PM seat, Tots (2-3) has 1 PM seat, Preschool (4-5) has 5 full days spots.  Elementary levels and Middle/High School have some seats, but you will need to look at the class enrollment schedule and view each class to determine if there are any seats in the classes you want.  

Registration for Fall 2014 and class enrollment will close on August 3rd, 8/3 being the last day to register and enroll. Grade levels will close when they fill.  The co-op does have a maximium and we will also close if we hit that number.