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Great Homeschool Conventions -July 13-15 - Do not miss it!

This is a huge opportunity for all homeschoolers to get the help they need! Get together with old friends, meet new friends, purchase your curriculum for the upcoming school year, be encouraged--all for a very low price!

Donations are greatly appreciated!laugh

We try to keep our SHARE membership as low as we can, and we never turn away a family for lack of funds. If God has blessed you, please consider making a donation to help defray this cost. Thank-you!   

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Homelink--linking academic and enrichment classes with your home education!


Our Homeschool PE program at the Salvation Army, under the direction of Coach Cort Hubbard, finished its 30th year!!! Check here later in the summer for the upcoming 2017-18 PE Information and Registration Forms.


  S.H.A.R.E. (St. Louis Homeschooling Activities, Resources and Encouragement) is an  independent support group founded and operated  by volunteer parents who home educate their  children in the Greater St. Louis Area. Families from  all over the St. Louis region and nearby Illinois  counties are members of SHARE, although we are  based in the South City, South County and Mid County areas.

We are a diverse group of homeschoolers with a wide variety of learning and teaching styles. Some families are large, others are small; some are homeschooling veterans of twenty years, many are just beginning.

The majority of members are Christians but people of all faiths are welcome in S.H.A.R.E.  We are united by our choice to homeschool our children and give them the best possible educational experience AND by our desire to protect homeschooling rights in Missouri and elsewhere. 

Our main goal is to inform, equip and encourage families in their homeschooling journey!


Annual membership dues are $16.00 a year but free for the summer months. Scholarships are available for those that cannot afford the $16.

Being a member entitles you to access the "Private Pages" of this website which includes an events calendar, an inter-membership forum for questions & discussions, a free classifieds section, a free family website that you can share with family and friends, a photo gallery of events and much more!  Membership also entitles you to receive timely announcements and updates on events (field trips, classes, parties, youth events, community service opportunities, art fairs, spelling & geography bees, graduations, and much more!) 

Fill out the online Form (see the puzzle piece below or  the word JOIN at top of page) and submit via the internet.  That page will give you detailed directions about how to pay your membership fee.  You can do it online via Paypal or send check or cash by regular mail. We will then approve your membership and give you total access to the website.  

NOTE: In order for your S.H.A.R.E. membership to be processed and finalized,  you must send the membership fee via Paypal transaction or mail a check to Coordinator Cathy Mullins. Just filling out the online form alone does not activate membership (unless it is during June & July, when membership is free).


S.H.A.R.E. offers many activities and classes  to supplement and enrich the home education experience.

*HOMELINK CLASSES                                       *HOMESCHOOL BAND

*PE AT THE SALVATION ARMY                       *FIELD TRIPS

*PARTIES                                                            *SPECIAL EVENTS

*ART SHOW                                                        *GRADUATIONS

*GEOGRAPHY BEE                                             *SPELLING BEE

*STANDARDIZED TESTING                               *DANCES & PROM

To participate in many of these activities, you must be a member of SHARE (for insurance purposes). The full description of the various activities and classes can be viewed by clicking on their respective titles on the top navigational bar entitled "Activities". 

If you have questions about the group or about homeschooling please feel free to contact us.  

Cathy Mullins, 314-769-7965

Pat & Kerrie Tate, 314-791-0000


The Family Vision Library now has a location  in the south area on Lemay Ferry Road!  Be sure to visit them at:

1387 Covington Manor Lane
Saint Louis, MO 63125

(314) 939-1222

Weatherford Photography

Dayspring School of the Arts

Families for Home Education

Robinson's Karate

Victory Speech & Autism Consulting