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Thank you for your interest in our group.  For the online protection of our current members using this website, we want to make sure we know you before we allow you website access.  Also, use of the website is not free -- we pay a professional company to manage it, so we will also require you to pay annual dues in our support group in order to have access.  Annual dues are collected at the Friends of Grace Homeschool Cooperative registration night each year in June. Otherwise, for mid-year applicants, you will pay online.

Please explain how you heard about our group and who you know personally from our group when you enter your information.  If you don't know anyone and are new to the area that is OK!  Tell us! We will get you to the right place to meet new Christian homeschoolers.  Please note, we are not an online community.  This website is for our members who regularly see each other to see what is happening. The best way to support each other in our homeschooling journey is in person, so we invite you to join us!

We look forward to meeting you soon!

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Payment Instructions

Membership in the Friends of Grace Support Group is required for website access.  If you have been to registration night in June of this year,  you have already paid your support group dues.  If you have not attended this event and/or are joining mid year, you will need to pay your yearly membership of $10.61 before getting online access.  This is because website access is charged to our group on a per family basis. If you do not wish to pay via paypal, you may pay by check.  Please indicate this in your application and we will grant your access when we receive your check.  Instructions on how to send your check will be given individually.