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Free-Range Learning Cooperative, Inc.

Who we are

Come join our vibrant educational community at Free Range Learning Cooperative, dedicated to secular homeschooling in an inclusive environment. Here, we celebrate diversity and honor individuality, stepping away from traditional education norms to embrace all learners.

Our vibrant community gathers most Tuesdays for a day filled with inspired learning, shared meals, and joyful laughter. With a diverse range of classes catering to all ages and learning styles, there's something for everyone, whether you're a free-spirited unschooler or an enthusiastic classical homeschooler.

At Free Range Learning Cooperative, we live outside the box, fostering creativity and innovation within a supportive environment. Come be a part of our unique educational journey, where we encourage exploration, nurture curiosity, and embrace the beauty of diversity. Join us and experience the joy of learning together!


Vision Statement
Free Range Learning Cooperative, Inc. is a secular, non-profit homeschool community whose unifying purpose is to inspire and enrich the homeschool journey of the families in our community.
We cherish the diverse identities of our families. We are committed to creating and nurturing an inclusive and accepting homeschool community where every student and family, regardless of nation of origin, race, immigration status, religious affiliation (all faiths and non-faith belief systems), disability status, or LGBTQIA+ identity, can belong. We support our families through validating actions, language, service, and accommodations. Each family’s volunteer contributions are essential to building and growing our community.
We strive to be anti-racist. We acknowledge that racism can be unconscious or unintentional, and that identifying racism as an issue does not automatically mean those involved in the act are racist or intend to have a negative impact. We commit to an ongoing process of individual and collective education, discussion, and action.
We hold the expectation that all people in FRLC will respect and accept the diverse identities and abilities of our participants, including gender and sexual identities. We strive to be anti-homo, bi, and transphobic and to use affirming language around gender identity, such as always using a person's pronouns. We support positive affirmation for all. We do not tolerate language or actions that exclude or diminish equal opportunities for our participating families. We know mistakes might be made unintentionally, but we will purposefully embrace opportunities for growth.

Development Concerns

If your child does not fall developmental in their age range, we will make accommodations. Free Range is where community meets learning. Our priority is to support the growth and development of each child. Every child is valued, respected, and accepted as they are. We work with each family to enrich the child’s learning experience.


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