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Pink Heals Sauk Valley

Pink Heals is a national organization with chapters in many states.
We provide home visits, free of charge, to women with cancer or other diseases to show love and support.
We pull up in our pink fire truck with local law enforcement/EMS/fire departments and the Pink Heals firemen in pink give the woman a big hug and present her with a gift basket from the community. Then she is given a marker to sign her name on the truck in memory of her fight, and she and her family and friends are invited to
take pictures with the fire truck. It's a wonderful
time of celebrating a special lady and showing her
how special she is.
We also display the pink truck at various community events to bring awareness about the program,
allow survivors from the community to sign the
truck, and make contacts for future home visits. 
Each chapter funds the program through sales of Pink Heals t-shirts.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any
questions and contact us by email at

Contact:   403 W 2nd St, Rock Falls, IL 61071   |   Phone: 815-622-9490   |   Cell: 815-441-1014