Homeschoolers By The Sea


Family #1

Our family has been with HBTS for 4 years. We love the families in this group and have enjoyed the friendships. Our parties are always a blast with everyone bringing dishes and activities for the children.  We've gone on many educational field trips together and met at playgrounds.  We pray at the start of our activities and it is wonderful to be able to bring gratitude for God into our association.

I taught Natural Science in the fall this year for the 7-9 year. We learned various ways to classify the animal kingdom starting with vertebrate and invertebrate. We then spent a class exploring each kind of vertebrate animal, bird, reptile, amphibian, mammal and fish. Next we spent several weeks exploring invertebrate life. Homework for the class was usually bringing a specimen to talk about and look at under a microscope during the following class. Each class the children would come up with trivia questions and at the end of the year we made a board game using those questions. At the new year we finished with an exploration of local animals. We are currently studying plants, and have studied Flowers, Fruit, Leaves, Photosynthesis, Stem, and Root systems. We’ll finish out the year by discussing weather systems and the water cycle.

Family #2

We moved to St Johns county about a year ago and I began my search for a homeschool group prior to our arrival.  We were coming from a place with a small population of homeschoolers and I wanted to be sure to get plugged into a group as soon as possible.  I wanted my children to make new friends quickly to make their transition to a new area easier. 

HBTS has been so much more than just a place for my children to make friends!  We (myself included) look forward to meeting our friends each week.  My children have learned so many valuable lessons during their weekly courses and playtime.  They are excited about class because their teachers are excited too!  It has been wonderful for them to learn from different teaching styles and from their peers.  HBTS was an answered prayer and we love being a part of a quality group of individuals that truly care about community.  All members of our co-op participate in making this a fun, loving, and positive learning environment!

Family #3

We have been with this co-op for several years now. My children look forward to seeing their friends and learning something new every week. We have enjoyed classes such as art, STEM, Astronomy, Physical Science, World Geography, Spanish, and U.S. Government! It's a great, safe place for my children to socialize with other kids their own age and my children especially love all of the great parties! As a mom, I have really enjoyed meeting other homeschooling families and have made many new friendships myself.  We are looking forward to many new adventures together next year!