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Book Club

All book clubs meet once a month

K-2 Book Club

Participates should have read the book prior to our meet-up and come ready to discuss, complete activities and enjoy time together focused on the book we have read. 


Grades 3-5 Book Club

Each month will be assigned a book to read along with optional activities, questions, or resources that can be done at home.   During our monthly Book Club meet ups, we will discuss the assigned book, do an activity related to the book for the month, and of course enjoy snacks with our friends! My intent is to have books that appeal to everyone at some point in the year and to offer books that will be on a third grade, fourth grade, or fifth grade level at some point in the course of the year.  This means that some months may be easy reading for you child depending on their reading level or may need to be read together as a family if the book is at a higher level. This age bracket for reading can provide wide differences in reading abilities, but my intention is fo offer books that can be a mix of fun and more serious tones along with trying to hit diverse reading levels.  Please not that books assigned under each month are to read that month and discussed the following month.  Looking forward to our many reading adventures!! 


Grade 6-8 Meet in the Middle Book Club

Each month we'll explore a genre and read a student-selected book. Students will vote on pre-selected book options; these options may include banned books and sensitive topics. 

Our book club's purpose is to engage in meaningful discussions, rooted in chosen books but not confined to them.  We-re looking to hone student voices, carve our their ideas and thoughts on the world, and find others to share their thoughts with.  We'll build literacy, comprehension, vocabulary, and confidence while connecting with peers.  Inclusive and accessible, we'll work together to ensure our book club works for all students.

Flow of a Meeting: 1. Read the book 2. Discuss the book 3. Activity 4. Snacks 5. Vote on the next book.

Contact: priscilla.briones@belvoirhomeeducators.com

Grades 9-12 Book Club

Each month we will be reading books that are designed to challenge, educate and inspire the teens.  Soem books may contain sensitive material.  Please review the books and use your own descretion as to what you find appropriate for YOUR child.  Potential Book list for the year will be sent home at the first meeting. Teens will vote between 3 - 4 pre-chosen books each month.  Snacks at each meeting.  Come meet and get to know other homeschooled teens. 

Contact: samantha.carter@belvoirhomeeducators.com,michelle.mischler@belvoirhomeeducators.com