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Tween Club


Who can join?
  • For families who have tween kids ages around ~8-12ish. 
Who are Tweens?
  • We define Tweens as grades 5 – 8, not quite a child and not quite a teen.  Social belonging is incredibly important at their developmental stage. It’s a transitional time when the world around them is changing faster than ever – they have increased responsibilities, more complicated friendships, and stronger emotions. They are looking for a place to belong.
Tween Club Plan
  • Meet twice a month
  • One of the meetings would be free (example: hiking, volleyball, game night, etc...)
  • One might have a small fee attached to provide food or a community center (example: pizza night, baking night, or movie night, etc...)
    • Paid events will likely be around $5 per student (less if resources are less)
  • A sign-up genius for the events will be put out so we know how much food to provide or to make sure we wait for everyone to arrive.
  • A tween parent chat through G Suite will be created so that parents and students can be updated on events. Parents can let the coordinators know when something comes up and they can't make it.
  • There will be a separate chat for the tweens to chat with each other. Parents will be added to this so that we can all assist in moderating.
Teen Attendance to Tween Club
  • Teens that are interested in attending these events
    • Make sure any teens that wouldl like to come will participate both in action and spirit.
      • Do not attend if your teen believes the activities to not be their thing.
    • After two months we will re-evaluate to see how many teens are actually attending tween events.
      • Teen attending tween events will be in the hands of the parents of the tweens and the tweens themselves.
Tween Club Coordinator
Jessica Strem