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We are pleased that you are interested in joining Lighthouse Home Educators.

Membership to LHE is for the school year from June 1 of the current year to May 31 of the next year. 

New families may join, if space is available, after meeting with the leaders.  If you have not met with the leaders, please contact leadership at [email protected] before completing this registration.  New members, if allowed, may apply for membership once new member registration begins, which is typically in May or June.

To be a member of LHE, each family must: 

1.  Submit the Profile Information on the form below.

2.  Submit the Member Agreement

3.  Submit the Insurance Waiver

4.  Submit the Survey

5.  Pay the administrative fee (This is paid only after membership acceptance.)

The registration process will walk you through the first four (4) items listed above.  At the end of each section, please be sure to hit "Submit" and then read the prompts that come up to complete the necessary forms. This process works best if you complete it on a laptop or desktop. Please do not complete it on a phone or tablet. Also, please make sure you apply for membership at a time that you can complete the entire process in a timely fashion or it will log you out and you will need to submit your application again. 

Make sure you save the user name and password you enter because you will need them to log in once approved.

If your family is accepted for membership, the administrative fee of $65 will be due within one week of acceptance. 



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