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Social Studies

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Middle School US History & Civics NEW 5-8   Monseth   Full Year    $370
Middle School World History: 
Ancient Civilizations to Renaissance
5-8   Holt   Full Year    $370
Middle School World History: 
Age of Explorers to Present Day
5-8   Monseth   Full Year    $370
High School United States History 8-12   Fierst   Full Year    $370
High School World History & Geography: Renaissance to Present 8-12   Fierst   Full Year    $370
High School American Government/Economics 8-12   R. Fraser   Full Year    $375
Worldview RETURNING THIS YEAR 8-12   Arfsten   Full Year    $355



Middle School US History & Civics
The study of United States History is the story of our ancestors and how they shaped a nation. We will explore this story through the eyes of the people who lived it using living books, biographies, speakers, hands-on activities, and first-hand accounts. The goal of this class is to bring American History to life for the students. The foundational books for this course will be Sue Kilbride’s Our America series; however, students will also be reading 1-2 biographies (supplied by tutor) per semester to dig deeper into the lives of key historical figures. The goal of American History is not only to learn dates, timelines, and geography, but to understand how God is at the center of all history. We will study the lives of influential figures & missionaries and always circle back to God’s Word to see how this should impact our lives in the present day. 

Class time will be fun and hands on! It will be a time for us to do group projects, play games, discuss historical events/people in depth, present projects (both individually and as a group), complete quizzes, and grow in our knowledge of God. 

This year-long class covers the very beginnings of our country up through the Westward Expansion & Industrial Revolution. We will touch on some key events of the 1900’s (Great Depression, WWI, and WWII), but most of this will be covered in depth in the Middle School World History II course. 

  • The Civics component is built into the class and is not treated as a separate subject

Middle School World History I:  Ancient Civilizations to Renaissance
This year-long class will provide students with a better understanding of our world and the people who live in it. We will cover ancient civilizations and medieval history around the world as well as Western civilizations from the middle ages to present. This is a project-based class. We will utilize hands-on activities, music, games, living books, and interactive slide presentations with the goal of bringing world history to life for students! There is no textbook, but there is a $15 supply fee per semester to cover the cost of the handouts and supplies for the students.

Middle School World History II:  Age of Explorers to Present Day
Students will study the Age of Exploration up to the Present Day and learn all about the wars, revolutions, and cultural movements that defined these times.  We’ll be traversing the globe from England to India to Russia to Japan to America. The World’s Story 3, which presents history from a Christian perspective, will be the foundational text for this class. Students will also be reading 1-2 biographies per semester to dig deeper into the lives of key historical characters.  A study of World History is not only dates, timelines, and geography,  but more importantly is understanding how God is at the center of all history.  For this reason, we will explore the lives of influential figures of the faith as God’s Word impacted their lives and can empower us in the present day.  

Class time will be fun and hands on!  It will be a time for us to do group projects, play games, discuss historical events/people in depth, present projects (both individually and as a group), complete quizzes, and grow in our knowledge of God.

High School American Government/Economics
Fall Semester: Students will be introduced to the foundational principles of government, the branches of government, the concept of democracy and active, responsible citizenship. Material to be discussed includes the components of the Declaration of Independence and its history, the United States Constitution and its history, the Amendments, political parties, elections and more. If time allows, students will also explore the United Nations organization and U.S. foreign policy. Students will be engaged in a variety of projects.

Spring Semester: Economics is all around us - Where does money come from? Why does the iPhone cost so much? Should I work for someone else or start a small business? Students will be exposed to what economics is and how it applies to their lives on a daily basis. Students will demonstrate an understanding of basic micro and macro economic concepts: defining economics, free enterprise, supply and demand, market-clearing price, consumer/savers/investors, money and financial institutions in the United States and more. This is a high school level course that will offer students the opportunity to learn about the economic system in America through reading, discussion, presentations, projects - hands-on and interactive!

High School United States History
The US History course will focus on teaching about the important people and events that have shaped our nation from Christopher Columbus through 9/11. The course will focus on how the country was formed and has changed by looking at 5 broad concepts:  people, economy/business, politics/philosophy, culture/religion, and national identity. Each concept will look at its effect on past events and how it affects the world we live in today. This is a foundational history course that is meant to prepare students for success in college-level US History.

High School World History & Geography:  Renaissance to Present
This World History class will primarily cover the Renaissance through the 9/11.  As it is covering a large section of time, it will be a bird’s eye view of history taught through common themes that various peoples across the globe have struggled with throughout time.  Topics will be introduced thematically, rather than chronologically.  Some themes include: Purpose, Freedom, Resources, Rights, and Innovation.  The themes will cross time and region, while students connect the past to the present.

This course also contains a geography component which will allow you to count ½ credit of Geography along with a credit of History.

The class will also use primary sources found on the internet, videos, and speakers. Class time will be structured with lecture, presentations, group discussion, group work, and projects. Students will have outside reading and projects to complete as well.

Students will learn how “ideas have consequences.” What one thinks and the ideas one believes determines how he or she views the world and lives one’s life. This course will guide students in their exploration of the foundations of the Christian worldview while comparing these to the foundations of other, competing worldviews. Students will learn how to apply their Christian faith to every area of life: theology, philosophy, ethics, biology, sociology, psychology, law, economics, and history.

Summit Ministries; “Light Bearers” curriculum will provide the core guidance through topics such as apologetics, cults, evolution, naturalism, moral relativism, relationships, and socialism.