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Graduation Information

Welcome Graduating Class!

WEST is thrilled to be offering an opportunity for you and others to celebrate your schooling accomplishments with a high school graduation ceremony at WEST. 

Any homeschool student may take part in the WEST sponsored graduation ceremony.

As you look to participate in the WEST sponsored commencement ceremony, you will find information below.  You may also request a detailed information packet that includes the fees, planning and preparation process.

The commencement ceremony is a beautiful reflection of the students graduating. 

WEST acknowledges this milestone by assisting parents and students with planning meetings, caps/gowns, securing a graduation venue, music - including a choir, off-setting some costs, guiding the ceremony planning, various speeches and timeline.

Families share in the cost of commencement, planning, preparation and presentation.

Register on-line at www.westclasses.com beginning August 1st. 

  • A $75 non-refundable deposit is required upon registration.  The remaining $75 is due no later than January 15th of graduation year ($150 total)
  • If registering after January 15th, payment of $175 required upon registration
  • Registrations are not accepted after February 1st of graduation year without special permission by WEST Director
  • No refunds February 1st and forward

Please contact the WEST Director with any questions you may have.  thedirector.west@gmail.com / 763-227-6700

Participation in the commencement ceremony in no way implies that WEST has endorsed or approved the course of study of the graduating student. Graduates of nonpublic schools in Minnesota (which include homeschools) are not required to take any of the state-mandated tests that are required for public school commencement.