Vision, Purpose & Mission


The mission of the God’s Homeschool Warriors Co-op (GHW) is to partner with families to:

  • Provide a Co-op program by working together to educate their homeschool children in a safe, loving, and caring environment; GHW comes alongside of the families to provide quality classes. We strive to have a group of like-minded families coming together to share their gifts and talents for the training and educating of our children.
  • provide a Co-op program that has a Christ-centered environment
  • provide a Co-op program that has organizational and administrative checks and balances
  • provide a Co-op program that has transparent financial processes with appropriate checks and balances
  • provide a Co-op program that is a not-for-profit program.


The vision of GHW is to exist as a community of believers who share Christ’s love while coming together to educate their children in a loving and caring environment.


GHW was specifically founded to create a Christian, loving, caring learning environment for homeschool families. We do not exist to please the world, but rather to satisfy our God- given mandate to educate our children how we see fit. GHW is a Co-op, not a school. This purpose is accomplished by all the members working together and the Co-op supporting them with their calling to home educate. By working together everyone benefits.