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HSCC is made up of families who come together with the purpose of encouraging and supporting the home school community. The organization is based upon volunteer participation. Therefore, each year's classes are based upon the participation of our members who volunteer to teach a class/subject. 

Classes for the fall semester will be held online only from September 9 or 16th to December 16th. We are also holding year long classes which will run from September 9th or 16th to May 5th or 19th. The second day listed is for our language, culinary arts, and sewing classes. Our program will be in person this year, however, most of our language classes will be held online multiple days of the week.  Please be sure to check each class description for the specific days and times they are being offered.  

We are super excited about being back on campus this year. The choice to wear a mask or not to wear a mask is yours, however, it is not required.


2021-2022 Classes

Intro to Acting

Acting 101

ASL (in person)

Chinese (online)

Combined Choir (Ages 10 and up)

Culinary Art 1 & 2

Dance 1 & 2

Japanese (online)

Korean (online)

Music Theory

Intro to Orchestra

Beginning/Intermediate Orchestra

Private Piano Lessons (3 students)

Intro to Sewing

Beginning Sewing

Spanish (in person and online)

Woman 2 Woman (Moms ministry)



St. Ignatius Church

2317 Brinkley Road

Ft. Washington, Maryland 20744

Hours of Operation:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 9 am-4 pm

(301) 327-4655