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Interest List Policy and Procedure


Firmly Planted Westside

 Interest List Policy and Procedure 

  • Firmly Planted Westside maintains a file of interested families. This Interest List is made up of prospective member families and former member families who are interested in registering for the next available opening. 

  • Prospective and former members must submit a completed Membership Application before being added to the Interest List. The date on which the form is received will become the family’s current Interest List date. 

  • In order, we assess class space availability and whether there is space for each child in a family.  If there is not space for each child in the family, the next family on the Interest List will be considered, as space allows. 

  • If a family chooses not to register when given the opportunity but still wishes to remain on the Interest List, their Interest List date will remain the same. 

  • We would ask that families let us know if they no longer wish to be on the Interest List as it may delay other families’ registration. 

  • The Membership Coordinator and Firmly Planted Board reserve the right to make exceptions to this policy to fit a specifically identified need (i.e. needing a teacher for a specific class.) 

  • The completed Membership Application is good for two years. At the end of two years, families who desire to remain on the Interest List are welcome to complete a new application keeping their status current. 

  • The Interest List is managed by Kim Macri, our Membership Coordinator.  She can be reached at [email protected] 

Eligibility To Join Firmly Planted Westside 

Any family is welcome to participate in this Co-op provided: 

  • Firmly Planted prays about applicants and accepts new families based on availability and current co-op needs. An Interest List will be maintained if the Co-op is filled to capacity. 

  • The Mother/Father complete the Statement of Faith. 

  • The Family/Child agrees to complete the required assignments in their classes and be prepared for any in-class discussions or projects. 

  • The Family/Child agrees to full-time attendance of each registered child including Family/Teen Chapel and three morning classes. A parent will be on-site at all times with their children and available to help as needed throughout the morning; no drop-offs allowed. 

  • The Mother/Father are willing and able to fulfill the registration requirements listed. 

  • Any problems, disputes, or hurt feelings will be dealt with according to Scripture, will not be discussed with uninvolved parties, and sincere attempts will be made with the conflict resolution volunteer (when necessary) to reconcile the situation. 

  • The Mother/Father complete mandatory background check. 

  • The Family agrees to adhere to our Firmly Planted Handbook and the policies outlined within it.