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Join our Interest List for 2022-2023!!

In joining Firmly Planted Westside, you are making a serious commitment to all the families within the organization. You will hopefully receive some wonderful benefits by being a member, but you will also be relinquishing some of your personal freedoms, such as the freedom to drop out during the term. It will be very difficult for the co-op to replace you after the term starts, so please carefully weigh the benefits and potential costs for your family in making this commitment.

We ask all new families to read the Firmly Planted Parent Commitment in order to determine if our co-op would be a good fit for your family. No money or other paperwork is needed to be added to our Interest List. Feel free to contact Kim Macri with any questions.


VERY IMPORTANT:  Understanding your participation at Firmly Planted is vital.  As a Cooperative organization, Firmly Planted relies on the availability of all adults to teach and assist in classes as well as sometimes volunteer in various Service Positions.  We are only able to offer the classes and services that are volunteered by our parents/guardians.  

We do not have paid professionals or special programs to supplement this structure.  We can make limited accommodations for extenuating circumstances whenever feasible, but membership with Firmly Planted requires availability and willingness to participate in the ways described above. 

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Parent Name

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Please provide name of child/ren, age, and grade level you will be registering them (your children's ages/grades reflect where they will be in September 2022.) Your oldest child must be 6 years old by September 1st and in 1st grade.

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What kinds of things do you enjoy doing? Any hobbies/passions?

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Would you be willing to teach this skill/passion at the co-op? Why or why not?

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Do you, or any of your children, have special circumstances that would impact your ability to teach, assist and/or otherwise serve within our model of operation? 

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What are you hoping to get from your involvement with the co-op?

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How did you hear about us?  If you know a current Firmly Planted family, please list their name here.

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