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MACH is a 26-week, academic Christian co-op, striving to support each other in the home-education of our children, by providing classes for Nursery through Grade 12. We meet on Tuesdays at East Fairview Church of the Brethren, Corner of Fairview and Hossler Roads, 1187 Fairview Road, Manheim, from 9 am to 12 pm. Optional afternoon classes are available. Moms or dads are required to teach and or help in classes, and be present during all class hours.

Your child will enjoy class interaction and learn to be responsible to another teacher. Moms enjoy connecting and supporting one another in our family atmosphere.

CLASSES - Classes for students grades K-6 include gym, science, and history.  Grades 7-12 have classes in science, history, and English. Optional classes include subjects such as: Spanish 1 and 2, Algebra 1 and 2, and various sports and clubs.  See class schedule. 
Our morning classes are mostly taught by parents within the group.  If there are no qualified parents within the group to teach a class in grades 7-12, we will find a teacher outside of the group.  First- year parents are expected to be helpers in 3 morning classes, but may also be asked to teach a class. After the first year in the group, parents are required to teach a class of their choosing.  There is a leader assigned to help teachers set up classes, and answer any questions about planning and curriculum. 

Afternoon classes are often taught by teachers who are not in the group. Parents are expected to help in these classes for a certain number of times. 
The goal of our classes is to provide weekly instruction for the students in these subjects. The teachers then assign homework to be done at home, before the next class meets.  By completing classes, middle and high school students will fulfill the credit or half- credit requirements for the class.  A grade of points out of points possible is given for each class in grades 7-12. 

VISITATION - Potential members are welcome to visit our classes.  Please contact a member of the leadership team to schedule a day to attend. 

HIGH SCHOOLERS ATTENDING WITHOUT PARENTAL PARTICIPATION - High school students may attend without the (teaching) participation of the parent.  There is an additional charge per class for this arrangement.  If you are interested in this option for your family, please contact the leadership team, as per the following paragraph.  There are a limited number of slots for this option.

If you would like information about joining MACH, please contact someone on our leadership team (names and email provided below).

Vicky Goodman, 717-892-0482, [email protected]

New Member Applications, contact: Kim Groff, [email protected], 717-572-3821


You may be wondering what makes MACH different from other co-ops?

Elementary Students:

  • Receive chronological teaching of history from K- 6th grade, with a 4th grade emphasis on PA History.

  • Are taught all areas of science, with class time dedicated to lab work, “hands-on-activities”, and special in-depth unit studies.

  • Participate in year-long gym classes, and are instructed in a variety of group sports, learning teamwork, listening skills, coordination, and agility. At-home physical fitness is also encouraged. Log sheets and tests are optional but make great additions to the homeschool portfolio.

  • Can choose to participate in afternoon electives such as art, music, volleyball, Lego club, or drama.


Junior and Senior High Students:

  • Students completing our regular rotation of courses, will receive all the credits needed to fulfill the homeschool law in the area of Science, English, and Social Studies.

  • Areas of science which are taught: Earth Science, Life Science, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Anatomy & Physiology

  • Social Studies rotation includes: Early American History, Renaissance & Reformation, World Geography, Modern World History with World Religions, Personal Finance (economics), Government/Civics, and Psychology.

  • Our English rotation includes a strong writing component in the junior high years, including instruction in a research paper. Grade appropriate novels are read and analyzed. Students will also learn speech skills and give oral presentation. High school students rotate through the following three courses: English with an American Literature emphasis, English with a British Literature emphasis, and English with a World Emphasis. High schoolers will continue to sharpen their written communication skills, as well as their oral communication skills through both individual and group presentations.

  • Students can participate in additional afternoon electives, such as art, debate, volleyball, and computer classes. Math classes are also available at this level.


What does this mean for you as a parent?

  • Having a continuous rotation of classes gives parents the assurance their student is receiving all the teaching and instruction needed to fulfill the homeschool law. It helps eliminate the guess-work and stress of wondering if your child is learning all they need to!

  • Pennsylvania passed House Bill 1615, which changes the compulsory school age from ages 8-17 to ages 6-18.  This means, beginning in the 2020/2021 school year, homeschool parents will need to provide an affidavit, compile a portfolio, and have an evaluation done for any child 6 years or older. Our co-op classes would provide necessary teaching in history and science, as well as provide worksheets, projects, etc. to include in the homeschool portfolio.