Learn More About Us! Community.....cultivating a welcoming atmosphere which fosters positive relationships Structure......classroom environment that encourages learning with accountability Safe environment.....students learning and exploring ideas in the context of a Christian worldview Variety.........exposing students to diverse teaching styles, passions, skills, and expertise Collaboration......parents working together to meet shared educational needs

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Different Tracks


What is the difference between the co-op track and the upper level only track of Learning Station?


Beliefs, values, philosophy


What is Learning Station's statement of faith?


If you wish to join as a co-op track member,  you will be asked to affirm your aggrement with LEFC's statement of faith.  You can find this online at https://www.lefc.net/statement-of-faith/.  A link at the bottom of the page provides scripture references for each statement of faith.


What is the educational philosophy of Learning Station?



  1. To develop godly character.

  2. To be fully equipped for life.  (To do God’s work in this world.)  We want our children to be able to make good judgments, solve problems, and to make creative contributions to this world.

  3. To love learning and to be motivated to keep learning all their lives.  We want to raise independent learners – learning as a process not a product.

  4. To have opportunities to interact in a group and to function under other adult leadership.

  5. To have the opportunity to create, evaluate, experiment, make choices and take risks.  Whenever possible, we would like the children (not the parents) to do most of the work.

  6. Children are expected to:  Respect God, respect authority,  respect others and respect property.

  7. Parents and teachers are encouraged to bring discipline/behavior problems to the attention of the Steering Committee so they can be addressed in an appropriate manner.


How is the Learning Station “governed?"


Learning Station is led by a steering committee made up of approximately six to ten co-op track members, each having different areas of responsibilities.  We operate under the oversight of the LEFC although they are not directly involved in our decision-making process.   You may learn more here: STEERING COMMITTEE ROLES AND GUIDELINES



What are my responsibilities as a co-op track parent? (Please note that this does not apply to upper level track only families.)


Learning Station is a cooperative. Our success depends on contributions of each and every member’s time and unique talents.  We strive to match members’ roles with their own interests, giftings and preferences. We also try to divide the labor so that no one is over-burden. 

In order for co op to be successful, each member is expected to contribute by teaching/helping in three classes and one extracurricular or the approximate equivalent, recognizing that some assignments require more of a time commitment than others.


As a co-op parent, would I be required to teach every week?  (Please note that this applies only to co-op track families and not upper level only track families.)


In each elementary-level class to which you are assigned, you are working with at least one other teacher.  The two of you would then work out a teaching model that best suits both of you.  Over the ten week semester, you might teach five sessions, and the other teacher would teach five sessions.  Another option is that one of you would be the main teacher for all ten weeks, and the other person would be the assistant.   You will be expect to be present each week and to make youreself available to help out where needed.   

Members who are interested in teaching classes for upper level students may choose to teach for 10 or 15 weeks per semester.   Classes at upper level may be taught by one teacher, by co-teachers or by a team of teachers.    


Am I permitted to go “off campus” to do other things during the time I am not teaching on Wednesday morning?


All parents of elementary students are asked to remain on campus from nine to noon even when they are not teaching, so that they are available if their children need something or if a class needs a substitute.  There is more flexibility for parents of middle/high schoolers in this area depending on when they are teaching.


Would I need to anticipate staying later than noon on Wednesdays if I am not involved in any afternoon classes?



Normally, you wouild be free to leave at noon.  One exception would be if your child was involved in a performance-type class like drama; teachers may schedule additional practice time after noon on occassion.   The other exception would be if we have a weather-related delay.  In that situation, we would operated on a two-hour delay schedule, and the elementary day would end after noon.



When does Learning Station meet?


Elementary (PreK-6th

Elementary students meet for regularly scheduled classes on Wednesday morning from 9AM-12Noon.  We have two 10 week semesters.  The fall semester typically begins after Labor Day and the spring semester begins late January or early February.


Middle/High School (7th-12th)

Classes for middle and high school students begin at 9:20 and run through 4:45 on Wednesday.  Individual classes may run for 10 or 15 weeks per semester.    For specific start and end dates, see the calendar (link on homepage).



Where does Learning Station meet?


We meet on Wednesdays at Lancaster Evangelical Free Church (LEFC), 419 Pierson Road, Lititz, PA 17543.    For Fall 2020, elementary classes have been restructured due to COVID19.  Elementary students will meet at various locations in Lancaster County on Wednesday mornings for special activities and field trips.  Upper level classes will meet as scheduled, and students will be asked to follow LEFC's policy for COVID19 precautions which is posted on both the public and private homepages.  


What are the expenses associated with joining Learning Station?


To become a co-op track member, the following registration fees are required.

Annual Registration Fee** (includes CHALC membership, see note below)

                $120 per family w/1 child in co-op
                $130 per family w/2 children in co-op
                $140 per family w/3 children in co-op
                $150 per family w/4 or more children in co-op


(**Registration fees include $25 per year for CHALC (Coalition of Homeschoolers Across Lancaster County)membership; however you will be able to get a $15 refund on this through CHALC if you are already a member of another support group, for example, LHE.  Refund forms are availabe at CHALC's website.)            

There may be additional expenses associated with a particular class.  For example, some of the high school classes require the purchase of a textbook. Theater Arts may have additional expenses for scripts and costumes.  Elementary students may occasionally be asked to have various supplies.  If you choose to participate in some other things we provide, there are, of course, the appropriate fees connected with these activities.

In addition, if your student wishes to take upper level classes taught by an independent contractor (ULA classes), you would be responsible for the tuition for that class.  Upper level classes (ULB) taught by co-op members are included in the registration fee (up to 5 classes per UL student).

Upper level only track families pay a registration fee of $10 per upper level class up to $60 per family.  They must also submit $25 for the CHALC membership fee and pay the class fee for both ULA & ULB classes.  Fees for each class will be published on the class registration grid.




What are the ages for which you offer classes?


We cover all ages from infant-12th grade.  Elementary classes are broken in the following age groups:  infants, toddlers,0-1 year olds, 2-3 year old, 4-5 year olds, 6-7 year old, 8-9 year olds, 10-11 year olds.  Placement for elementary students is determined by the students age on September 1.   Upper level classes cover 7th through 12th grades.


May I register for only a half year of co-op track?


Your commitment  as a co-op member should be seen as a year-long commitment.  Some high school students who register for classes at local colleges will find that their schedule will sometimes conflict with co-op.  Even if the student is unable to attend co-op for both semesters, his/her parent is still obligated to fulfill all teaching responsibilities for the entire year. While there will be exceptions made for unexpected hardships, dropping out mid-year should be the rare exception. Because we are a co-op and all have our roles to fill, it creates extreme difficulties when someone isn't there to fulfill their responsibilities.  


Besides Wednesday mornings, would there be other times that I need to reserve time for co-op?


Every year there is one mandatory meeting that we request a parent attend. It is our annual fall start-up meeting. 

When a person first joins Learning Station, he/sher will be asked to attend a one-time meeting with New Members Coordinator prior to the start of classes.

In addition, Learning Station generally hosts a closing program in the fall and the spring as well as Track and Field day in the spring.  Attendance to these special events is not mandatory unless your extra-curricular assignment requires it.  


What classes are offered at the co-op?


Elementary classes vary.  Our member's interests and talents dictate the subjects and topics taught. You may get an idea of the types of classes we offer by looking at the current class scedule.  Click here Class Registration and scroll to the bottom to view the elementary offerings.

Our elementary classes are designed to supplement your home curriculum, not replace it. Therefore, most of the work will be done in class.  Our upper level classes include "academic" and "enrichment" options. (The schedule of Jr./Sr. high classes (ULA & ULB) will is also posted at the above link.)


Can you accomodate children with special needs?


Learning Station wants to reach out to all families and their students.  However, Learning Station is not equipped to meet every individual need of every student and every family.     While the steering committee will work with families, we ask that you understand that some needs may be beyond the expertise of our member-teachers.   


Ok, I'm ready to join.  What do I do?


Contact us at LearningStationCoop@gmail.com  to schedule a tour/meeting with our new members' coordinator.   After your tour/meeting, you may request that a link to our member application.  



Interested in upper level registration?

Interested in upper level classes? 

 Click here to learn more.

Registration for upper level classes begins May 1 for existing co-op track members, May 15 for existing upper level only track members and June 1 for all new members.   New members will need access to the website in order to register for upper level classes.  Requests for access may be submitted via the "Join" link (top left of page).    Please do not request website access until you are certain you wish to register for a class.  

If you are interested in applying for co-op track membership, please click the "want to know more" link above.  


Last day of fall elementary and 10-week upper level classes
November 11 - Wednesday
08:45 AM - 04:00 PM
Last day of fall semester for upper level
December 16 - Wednesday
08:45 AM - 04:00 PM
Upper level spring 15 week and year 30 week classes begin
January 6 - Wednesday
08:45 AM - 04:00 PM

Vision, Mission, Values


Investing in our children’s future by inspiring them to reach their God-given potential


Supporting homeschool families by providing a cooperative learning environment in which students develop academically and socially in a Christian community


Collaboration, Community, Structure, Safe Environment, Variety

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