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If you have not already done so, please update your profile. The accuracy of our records depends on your cooperation. Update your students' information to reflect their grade level for the 2021-22 school year. (Choose grade 13 for graduates and students who will not be returning to Learning Station next year. They will be removed after June 1.) Update their medical information and emergency contacts. Choose whether you wish to opt in or opt out of monitoring duties and "sign" the acknowledgement of policies & guidelines.
2021-22 Important Dates

Not a member?

New families who wish to register students for upper level classes must request to join our member-only website. 

Click "Join" in the upper right corner and follow the prompts. 

Please do not request access unless you intent to regstier for classes. 

Those who are not registered for a class by July 1 (or within two weeks of joining if access is granted after June 15) will be "parked."   Parked families will not be able to log in until they contact the website coordinator.

Class Registration

Click here for 2021-22 upper level class schedule.

Spring Class Registration is open until December 15.

DO NOT register until you have read the information below!

NEW this year!

This year, we will be utilizing the online accounting module provided by our website host, HSL.  The module is not capable of automatically handling the fee structure difference between upper level only track and co-op track.

Therefore,  class registration fees will be added manually on June 1 according to the following table based on track and monitoring opt out status. Please do not submit payments until adjustments are made.  Statement of accounts will be emailed and will be available online by June 5.

Prior to registering for classes you must indicate whether you wish to opt in or opt out of monitoring duties.  (See policies and guidelines for details about monitoring.)  This choice impacts your registration fee and therefore must be final by June 1.  (See fee table below.)

Co-op Track Opt In 

Co-op Track Opt Out

UL Only Track Opt In

UL Only Track Opt Out

Registration fee $0

Registration fee $20

per ULA per class per semester

Registration fee $10

per class per semester

Registration fee $30 per class

per class per semester

CHALC Fee billed with co-op track registration

CHALC Fee $25

Co-op track families should not be alarmed when the automated system invoices them for ULB classes.  ULB classes are still free to co-op track families, and a manual adjustment will correct that as well.   

In addition, we will no longer charge a late registration fee, but families are still encouraged to register by July 1.  July 1 is the deadline for classes to reach their minimum enrolled status; those with low enrollment may be cancelled.  Registration for fall and year long classes will close on August 15.  Registration for spring classes will close on December 15.   

There is also no longer a  family maximum on class registration fees. 

Finally, relevant student medical information and emergency contacts are not a part of the family profile as is an Acknowledgement of Policies and Guidelines which has replaced the student/parent agreement.   Families will print and complete the Annual Agreement and mail it with their registration payment.  Links to that form and to the Policies & Guidelines are at the bottom of this page.

Upper level registration information

  • Registration will open according to the schedule below. 
  • Members will be able to unregister from classes online until June 1 using the "Manage Registration" link.   After that date, members will have to contact the website coordinator to unenroll a student from a class. 
  • Payment will be requested via email after June 1 and is due no later than July 1. 
  • NO REFUNDS will be issued after June 1. If you are uncertain about a class, wait until you are certain to register for it. 

April 15

Upper level class options posted for viewing only

April 21  (9 a.m.)

Registration for co-op track members opens

April 28 (9 a.m.)

Registration for upper level members opens

May 1 (9 a.m.)

Registration opens to new members.

May 31

Last day to unregister from classes 

June 1-5

Adjustments made to online accounts; statement of accounts emailed

June 25

Mail payments and annual agreement by today to ensure timely delivery

July 1

All payments due to financial coordinator:

Laura Fahnestock, 421 Weber Road, Lititz, PA  17543

August 15

Last day to register for fall or year-long classes.

December 15

Last day to register for spring classes.  

Policies & Guidelines
Annual Agreement