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Request Membership for Heritage Home Scholars

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Heritage Home Scholars requires that you answer all questions on the membership request form. Once submitted, a member of our Heritage Home Scholars Board of Directors will reach out to you for an interview to discuss your potential membership with Heritage. If your membership is approved, then we will send you an invoice for the annual membership fee of $45 to your email. Once you pay that fee, you will be officially enrolled. 

***If you are requesting new membership to Heritage - please note that classes for the 2024/25 school year are currently full.   As always HHS membership does include other areas besides classes.  With membership comes access to all field trips, science fair, history day, speech contest and many other extracurriculuar activities.  We invite you to become a general member at this time.  Your membership join date will be used to determine your spot on the waiting list for future class registration.  Thank you for your understanding. Please email us at heritagehomescholars@gmail.com with any questions.***

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Additional Questions

Heritage Home Scholars reserves the right to reject membership applications for any reason. 

Payment Instructions

Membership for the 2024/25 school year is $45 per family.  This membership will be good until May 31, 2025.

Once a Heritage Home Scholars Board Member approves your membership, you will be sent an invoice to your email to pay this fee or if you desire to pay by check, further payment instructions will be given at that time. Thank you!