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HEARTS desire is to remain a close-knit group of involved parents so only a limited number of applicants are accepted. As part of our application process, applicants, including husband and wife, are required to attend a very informal interview process with our Steering Committee. Please fill out the application to be placed in the queue. You will be contacted by a Steering Committee member for further information.If you would like to contact us by email to verify we have available openings within the group our email address is heartshomeschoolgroup@gmail.com. Thank you for your patience and understanding!


To apply for membership to HEARTS:

1. Be a “family” as defined by one of the following: a. One man and one woman as ordained by God in Genesis 2:24, legally recognized as married under the laws of the State of Mississippi, or who are the biological or adoptive parents or legal guardians of one or more minor children, OR b. A single man or woman, not living in a “domestic partnership” or like arrangement with any other man or woman, who is the biological or adoptive parent or legal guardian of one or more minor children.

2. The family, as defined by Eligibility Requirement # 1, does not have any member thereof who has been convicted of criminal activity that include crimes against a child or children under the laws of the state of Mississippi, any other state or territory of the United States of America, or the United States of America.

3. Be a family, as defined by Eligibility Requirement # 1, actively home schooling in compliance with the laws of the state in which they legally reside, at least one child in kindergarten through high school.

4. Read and agree to our Terms of Service (below), thereby declaring agreement with and compliance to the HEARTS Rules and Regulations and Mission Statement, including the Statement of Faith and all eligibility requirements.

5. Complete a scheduled interview with our Steering Team.

6. Each member must sign a “Wavier and Release of Liability” form(s) which will be notarized.

7. Be willing to volunteer and support HEARTS with your time, talents, and abilities

8. Pay the required annual dues by the appointed deadline.


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Payment Instructions

HEARTS will notify your family at time of approval for payment. Thank you for your request!