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Responsibility Agreement

Responsibilities Agreement

Lead Teachers need to submit a class outline that includes a week by week outline or a detailed class description and a per student charge before the announced due date.

Lead teachers will be reimbursed for costs associated with their class(es) after receipts have been turned in. Copies printed at home will be reimbursed at a rate of $.05/page. If this is a hardship or if your class requires the advance purchase of a kit (ie: for a science class), allotted class fee funds may be made available on an individual basis pending board approval.

Teaching parents are responsible to provide a back up lesson by the first day of classes to be kept on file. This should be a stand alone plan that can be used if you are unable to get the scheduled lesson to the sub before class day. Please have your plan contained in an envelope, box, bin or other closed container which is labeled clearly with YOUR NAME and THE CLASS NAME IN BOLD WRITING.

If you are absent and your backup lesson is used you will be required to turn in a new back up lesson plan on the next class day.

Any unused supplies as well as non consumable supplies such as legos, blocks, puzzles, whiteboards, that are purchased with class fees are considered PATCH property and, as such, need to be returned to PATCH at the end of each session for later use.

Any remaining class funds that were not reimbursed to Leads will remain in the possession of PATCH for use at the discretion of the board for other PATCH costs.


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