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General Co-op Information


What days/dates does the co-op meet?


The co-op meets 16 times during the school year, typically on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month between September and May.  Accommodations are made for holidays and the MACHE conference. A 5th Friday may be used as needed.



What happens on a co-op morning?


Arrive by 9:00 to check you and your students into the computer system

9:00 - Large group time for prayer, pledges, announcements and worship

9:25 - Dismiss to first hour

9:30 - 10:25  First hour

10:30 - 11:25  Second hour

11:30 - 12:25   Third hour  

12:30 - 12:40  Student pick up


Do you offer field trip, social events or parties?


Yes! We offer monthy field trip opportunites for all co-op members.  We also plan social events throughout the year for upper grade students, mom's and families.  Co-op sponsored parties include Fall Kick-off, Student Christmas party, Mom's Christmas party, Valentine's Exchange and a Promotion Day party to close the year. 


Seeking Membership


Can I check out the co-op before I join?


Yes!  You can set up a tour with the director to observe classes, meet some of the members and ask questions.  See tour dates on our home page in the spring and you can sign up on the calendar.  Tours usually happen in March.


How do I join the co-op?


If you are interested in joining CHC please click on “Join” at the top of our web page.  An application will pop up for you to fill out and submit.  This application will place you on the wait list until spring when we evalute the upcoming year.  We accept new members based on the availability of space in the classes.  If a family cannot be accommodated, they will remain on a wait list for consideration the following year.

If your family can be accommodated into CHC, you will receive a Welcome Packet via email several weeks before New Member Registration opens.  This usually takes place at the end of May.


Is there a waitlist?


Yes, we have a wailist each year.  If you would like to be placed on our waitlist and considered for membership simply select "Join" at the top of the page and take a moment to fill out a profile. This will act as your placeholder when we evaluate the wait list in the spring and helps us determine if we can accommodate the ages and grades of your student(s). This happens once our returning members registration closes in May.

You will be contacted at the end of May to register should we have space for your family.

Please keep in mind that K-3rd grade fills up first and there are very few spots available in these lower elementary grades.



What is required as a member of CHC?


A co-operative, by nature, means all members work together to ensure that the co-op meets the desired needs of the collective group by sharing their unique experiences, talents and gifts within the co-op. Therefore, a parent from each family is required to:

1.  SERVICE REQUIREMENT:  Members are required to serve in one of the following ways:

  1. As a Classroom Helper serving two hours on co-op days   (1 free hour.)

  2. As a Teacher, serving one hour on co-op days and in prep time   (2 free hours.)

  3. As a Coordinator serving each co-op day   (free time scattered throughout morning.)

  4. As a Board Member, serving each co-op day and in position duties and responsibilities.


2. ANNUAL JOB REQUIREMENT:  Members select one annual job from the list maintained by the Events Board Member.


3.  CAFE SNACK:  Members commit to bring a Cafe Snack once a year for CHC members to enjoy during the morning.  


4.  ATTENDANCE:  Members commit to attend all (16) co-op days and scheduled classes, providing excused exceptions for illness, family emergency, new baby, and other unavoidable absences.  Members are limited to 2 unexcused absences a year.


5.  REMAIN ON-SITE:  CHC is not a drop-off co-op.  One parent or designated guardian must remain on-site during the co-op day.


6.  COMMUNICATION:  Members are required to read their CHC email as it is our primary form of communication.  This includes a weekly email and emails sent by teachers, coordinators, and board members, including those sent via the website Forum.

7.  CHC HANDBOOK:  Members are required to read and abide by the CHC Handbook.

Co-op Fees


How much are membership fees?


New Member annual fee is $50* per family.

*All membership fees are non-refundable.


How much are class fees?


Cost will vary by the age of the child(ren). A family will typically spend around $100 for each student in K-6th grade and $90- $250 for each 7th-12th grade student depending on the classes chosen. Classes for older children usually involve more supplies and equipment, which increases the cost. In addition, nursery and pre-k classes for younger siblings, are offered for a small fee. There is also a $25 family fee for elementary science labs.