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How much does membership cost and what does it include?


Membership dues are payable annually via the website, and are as follows:  dues paid in the months of May or June for the coming school year are discounted to $20, dues paid between July 1st and December 31st are $25, and dues paid between January and April are $15 for the remainder of the school year.  ALL NAHE Membership dues and benefits expire annually on July 1st, and you must renew your membership each year.

For your annual dues, these are the membership benefits that you will receive:

1.  Weekly email announcements highlighting upcoming NAHE events and field trip opportunities

2.  An online, always current directory of other NAHE members

3.  Access to the Member Handbook, with listings for local resources available to homeschoolers

4.  A NAHE membership card that is good for educator discounts to select local stores

5.  Invitation to join in our quarterly roller skating parties

6.  Opportunities for student field trips once or twice monthly, in addition to "teens only" and "tweens only" events

7.  Family social activities and occasional service opportunities

8.  Access to the closed member parent's Norman Area Home Educators facebook page

9.  Introduction to numerous resources at our annual Back to School Night in August

10. Invitation to participate in the NAHE Used Book Sale in the spring

And finally - availability of information, resources, fellowship and encouragement!


We do online homeschool or EPIC. Can we still be members of NAHE?


NAHE does not endorse any particular method of homeschooling; we recognize that all homeschool families need encouragement and support.  Therefore, we welcome any family that chooses to become part of our group.


Does NAHE offer classes or sports?


NAHE is not a "co-op" in the most familiar sense.  We do not provide any classes, teaching, or sports teams through our group.  NAHE is primarily a social homeschool group, and exists for the purposes of fellowship and support.  There are, however, other local homeschool class resources and sports activities available, which we would be happy to share with you!


Do you require your members to sign a statement of faith?


Our NAHE Leadership Council consents to our statement of faith.  Generally, a Christian viewpoint and environment are assumed.  However, we do not require our members to sign a statement of faith. 


Do I have to pay online?


Unfortunately, yes.  Almost all NAHE fees (annual dues, any field trip fees, and social activity costs) are collected via our paypal account.  This is in an effort to serve our members with an efficient process, help us keep our accounting system up to date, and also to provide the least labor intensive process possible to bless our leadership.  If you need some extra time to remit fees, just let us know, and we'll try to work something out with you.  If you are uncomfortable with the online payment/paypal situation, we genuinely apologize for the inconvenience.  However, in order to participate in most of our activities (although there are occasionally free ones), online payment is necessary.  


What if I have another question?


One of our council members will be happy to assist you to the best of their ability.

Please feel free to email your question to:  [email protected]