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PCHE Mission Statement

February 2002

PCHE is committed to honoring Jesus Christ in all that we do. We offer educational and social activities for our homeschooled children, provide parents with support, information, and encouraging fellowship for the homeschooling journey, and promote non-government funded, home-centered education.

PCHE's philosophy is to strengthen and encourage homeschooling in our local, state, and national community that is:

  • Christ-centered
  • Non-government funded
  • Homebased and parent directed, controlled, and taught
  • Consistent with the essential biblical principles of the Christian faith

PCHE's purpose is to:

  • Impart vision that glorifies Jesus Christ
  • Encourage commitment to home education
  • Equip parents with confidence and ideas for teaching at home
  • Support our members in prayer

PCHE provides:

  • Activities through the private sector that enrich and support home education
  • Access to helpful resources and information
  • Legislative information and recommendations pertinent to our stated mission
  • Opportunities for fellowship and mutual support