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BEECH Covid Plan


We understand this is a lot of information and may seem overwhelming,
but we are trying to keep everything as safe as possible so we can have in person activities. 
Please review all the materials.  At the BOTTOM of this page you will find the 3 forms we need you to sign.


KEY POINTS to remember this year if you want to attend in-person events:

Please take your Temperature before leaving the house. If someone has Chills or a Temp over 99.6 F or 37.5 C or if you or someone in your household is experiencing any Signs or Symptoms of COVID-19 - PLEASE STAY HOME!
Face Masks are REQUIRED at ALL in Person Activities, both indoors and outdoors.  Masks should cover your nose, face and chin, be made made of multiple layers and sealing around your face as much as possible.  Neck Gaiters, Bandannas and Face Shields are not effective face Masks and not allowed at Beech activities.  If you don't want to wear a face mask, please join us for fun virtual activities.
Please Maintain 6 feet of social distance and please avoid direct contact with people not in your household.  Click here to see How far is 6 feet?
Please Stay Home if you or a family member have symptoms of COVID-19, If you or a family member have been tested for OR tested Positive for COVID-19, or if you have been exposed to someone being tested for or that has tested positive for COVID-19.
COVID-19 is a fluid situation which is constantly changing.  Please stay informed about COVID-19 and make sure you undertand ALL the Signs & Symptoms, If you Might Be High Risk, Possible Complications, How COVID-19 Spreads and ways to Mitigate Spread and Prevent Infection.  


Click the ICONS Below for more COVID-19 information on each subject

Signs and Symptoms Who is HIGH RISK? Possible 
of COVID-19
How COVID-19 Spreads  Ways to Mitigate the Spread of COVID-19



Please take the time to read each of the 3 forms and sign them. 
Please Click the icons below to sign each form.

Health and Safety Standards Mitigation and Preventative Measures Assumption of Risk & Waiver
of Liability