B.E.E.C.H. Homeschool Community B.E.E.C.H. Homeschool Community B.E.E.C.H. Homeschool Community B.E.E.C.H. Homeschool Community B.E.E.C.H. Homeschool Community B.E.E.C.H. Homeschool Community

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Welcome to the B.E.E.C.H. Homeschool Community

  1. When requesting membership, please note that we require all families to agree to our Terms of Service which includes a Statement Of Faith, Code Of Conduct, Bylaws, Well Child Policy and a Liability Waiver.  
  2. Members must also volunteer to serve on at least one committee for the school year.  
  3. Please note that in order to fully participate in the group and know what events are going on, we require member families to get Forum emails and to join our SLACK App.
  4. Please click yes below when asked if you want to receive emails - you have the option to get individual emails or a daily digest. 
  5. All Members Must belong to the Official Forum, the Bulletin Board, and the Forum for their Child's Appropriate Age Group.  All OTHER Forums are Optional.  On SLACK all members are automatically added to the Official and Bulletin Board chats.  You must then JOIN your children's age group chat and all other chat channels are optional.  You will be added to the Chat forum for your service team by the end of August. 
  6. When Registering, please put the name of the parent that will be the main participant as the Primary First & Last Name.  Please put your spouse (or NA) for the Secondary.  
  7. Please make sure you choose the appropriate SECTION for each child.  This enables us to sort by Age Teams in the Member Directory.  The Section area of the application is below the ADD CHILD link and above the Church Affiliation box.

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 NOTE:  A "Yes" answer to the following statements serves as the legal signatures of both spouses and/or parents indicating your joint acceptance of these terms.

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Payment Instructions

Don't forget to fill out the Waiver of Liability at the bottom of this page.  Please click the link below to fill it out!  Thank you.  Don't forget to make payment by clicking the Pay with Paypal Button below.  You will then need to return to this page to FILL OUT THE WAIVER OF LIABILITY.

We look forward to having you as members of the BEECH Homeschool Community!

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