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Private Tutors, Academic Coaches, Counseling Services & Learning Disabilities Services
Education at Work
We help build the capacity to learn through a focus on strengthening individual Executive Function Skills...working memory, cognitive flexibility and inhibition control.
Erudite Tutors
Erudite is a local tutoring company that pairs educators with students. We believe that learning occurs only from the best teacher for each student and we have an amazing team of tutors who make sure that happens.
Grow Counseling
GROW Counseling exists to help individuals and organizations become more resilient, learn to develop better coping skills, and begin to find meaning and joy through a variety of counseling services. We serve children, teens, adult individuals, couples, and families.
Megan Slotin - The Tutoring Teacher
I am a Special Education teacher with 16 years experience. I am also Elementary Ed. and Middle School certified. I offer homeschooling and tutoring services.
Missy Thompson - Tutor
Affordable multi-sensory approach to academic support and strategies in reading, writing, and math utilizing Orton Gillingham and Lindamood LIPS methodology in weekly, monthly or scheduled-to-your-convenience sessions for struggling through gifted learners. Email: missythompson4@gmail.com
Omega Learning Center
Omega Learning Center provides SACS Accredited tutoring and test preparation programs with certified teachers for every grade and subject in school.
Paraclete Counseling
We are a private counseling practice located in south Forsyth county. We provide Christian counseling services for children, teens and adults through individual, marital and family counseling.
The Purple Pen Tutor & Academic Coach
I love to work with kids of all ages, but seem to be focused on higher elementary through high school in all subjects, but especially math and English. I will be hosting a summer camp for SAT/ACT prep at the beginning of the summer so middle schoolers and high schoolers can help themselves prepare for their college futures. I help with writing/essays and foundational skills in both math and English. You can email me at kristine.macauley@gmail.com